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smart controller error

  1. FhvnEd

    Smart Controller linked to MA2 not storing videos

    Hello All. Not sure if this is a MA2 issue or Smart Controller issue, but recently... past couple of weeks, the videos I'm recording on the MA2 are not showing up on the SC. Today, for example, I shot 9 videos on one flight that lasted about 20 minutes. Only 6 of them got recorded. When I...
  2. M

    Control Stick Error

    Hey, so two days ago, my controller fell out of my bag on the street. No visible damage or scratches of any sort, all apps work, everything seems perfect. When I took off, I got a message saying sticks weren’t calibrated, so I calibrated them. My gimbal dial now seems to be stuck after the crash...
  3. Paci Fista

    Go4 crash on SC leads to disconnect; happy ending

    Currently in Africa, near the Indian Ocean. Yesterday my Mavic 2 Pro suddenly lost contact with my SmartController. It was well within range, no obstacles or warning signs of a disconnect. Suddenly the drone is no longer there on the screen, the visual goes to BW... The RTH does not kick in, it...
  4. B

    Is anyone else having Smart Controller map orientation issues?

    I purchased a DJI Smart Controller with my Mavic 2 Pro and love it's brightness and convenience. However, I'm very disappointed with its inaccurate orientation of the map. When I callibrate the SC compass its orientation is frequently up to 20 to 25 degrees out. Then when I rotate the SC, it's...