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  1. blackomega

    Mini Shames Mountain Ski Hill and people having a good time on the slopes

    Had a blast filming all the happy skiers at Shames Mountain yesterday Please consider subscribing if you like what you see
  2. Savon W.

    Colorado Mountains Montage

    A year of flying, a few crashes, and one documentary later I finally made a video that I'm ok looking at. These are a few of the more interesting places I've been to in that time. All thoughts and criticism welcomed. I have a long way to go and appreciate other pilots opinions.
  3. V

    How to photograph Halfpipe Snowboarding

    I used my Mavic to show how I go about photographing Halfpipe Snowboarding action. She's been a fixture in my camera bag for over a year now with zero problems to date.
  4. V

    Snowboard Halfpipe with MP

    I used my Mavic for the main shot in this short snowboarding video. What do you think? >Vernon
  5. T

    Mavic Pro @ 13,350 Ft!!!

    So I finally got my Mavic out on the continental divide!! Did a little hiking on the back part of Loveland Ski Area in Colorado, USA. Had a takeoff altitude of 13,350 ft! Flew my allotted 400ft up and had no problems, so max altitude of 13,750!!! New High for me with the MP!!! Sorry so grainy...