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solid red light

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    Mavic 1 pro - drone will turn on make initial beeps, stays on solid red light (CE) and no transmission

    Hi guys, :cool: I just purchased M1P which had a short contact with water, seller claimed it was short exposure while hovering above a lake. wasn't sure what kind of water. I decided to own it, paid about 150$ and now I'm trying to fix it. deal included: working RC, green light battery (2...
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    Mavic mini 2 nine first charge with fixed red led

    Hello everyone,:) I just received my new DJI mavic mini 2 from Amazon. I started to reload it as written on the instructions. Unfortunately, after a short period of charging the device turns on and indicates a solid red LED. The first reloading led flashes. Should I return my drone to Amazon...
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    Mavic Pro solid red light

    Hi I recently got a DJI Mavic Pro that was extremely badly corroded with salt water. I cleaned all the board thoughroughly and have now got it to power up. But the rear led blinks 10 times and then goes solid red. I am powering the drone with a 3s LiPo on the battery v and g connections. The...