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south africa

  1. Julius Danziger

    3 View of Table Mountain from Blauberg Strand in Cape Town South Africa

  2. F

    2 Pro Du Toitskloof Pass, South Africa

    Du Toitskloof pass
  3. F

    Sandton with storm cloud backdrops

    I've tried to capture a few of the storm backdrops around Sandton in South Africa. Got splashed a few times, but not too bad. What do you think? This link for all photos files: Sandton by Francois van der Merwe
  4. P

    South Africa Drone Laws New

    Just received this today, new rules for Drones in South Africa
  5. N

    Howzit from Johannesburg

    Hello to everyone hope you are all enjoying your Mavic's :) Got my Mavic in December and loving it, done about 40 flights so far and looking forward to flying high and maybe make a few friends along the way. So far i have loved every minute flying and also seeing other peoples reactions and...
  6. Richards Bay Yacht Club

    Richards Bay Yacht Club

  7. Richards Bay Yacht Club

    Richards Bay Yacht Club

  8. Richards Bay Yacht Club

    Richards Bay Yacht Club

  9. Richards Bay Yacht Club

    Richards Bay Yacht Club

  10. Richards Bay Yacht Club

    Richards Bay Yacht Club

  11. AzuraPhotography

    (What am i doing wrong?) AKOMA - An aerial film from an epic road...

    This is only my third video I have made since getting a drone, coming from a photography background it is taking some getting used to. I would really appreciate your honest feedback as i know there is plenty of scope for improvement! Thank you in advance. //AKOMA // One 4x4 - Three friends...
  12. bwn2pwn

    South African Rules and Regulations

    Good day all, I just need clarity on a few of the rules for operation of my Mavic in South Africa. Here is a link to the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) website that explains the rules. 1. It mentions RPA's not being 50m from people/persons, buildings/structures. Is this a...
  13. bwn2pwn

    Hello from Durban, South Africa

    Just got my Mavic Pro last week, couldn't be more excited, have had about 40 mins of flying time so far ! So much to learn in terms of flying, camera operation and of course local drone regulations. Cant wait to get stuck into it. This is my first drone and I am so happy I made the choice I did :D
  14. AzuraPhotography

    SANGOMA - An aerial film over Southern Africa (DJI Mavic Pro)

    The Mavic Pro was the drone I had been waiting for, I have always had an interest in aerial photography and videography but the portability of the Mavic was what i needed with my travels. Here is my first credible video i have put together, I'm more of a stills photographer normally so i would...