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south island

  1. W

    New Zealand - Lake Wanaka & Mt. Aspiring National Park

    Finally put together a lot of video clips from the Wanaka area of New Zealand, taken in perfect weather with the Mavic Pro. The first couple of minutes are taken around the town of Wanaka, then along the lakeshore at Glendu Bay and up towards Mt. Aspiring National Park, and ending up at Dublin...
  2. O

    Aotearoa from above

    After months of procrastination, I have finally edited and uploaded some footage from a recent trip to sunny New Zealand. Go easy on me as this is my first attempt at drone filming and editing. Many thanks.
  3. Goodpeopledrone

    Hello from New Zealand!

    Hey everyone. New pilot here, and what a great forum this is! Such a great community. It took a while to get used to the settings of the Mavic and the still camera has some limitations of course- but overall what a great creative tool! Here are a few stills from here in the Canterbury region-...