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speed increase

  1. O

    How to increase max vertical speed on dji Mavic air 2 ?

    Hi, I am hesitating to buy either the Mavic air 2 or the air 2s but the only reason I want the air 2s is for it's better vertical speed (6m/s). So if there is a way to get the Mavic air 2 to increase its max vertical speed (3m/s) I could save some money 😅 Thanks by advance Oscar
  2. PhotographerTom

    Increasing speed from DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

    You guys were SOOOO right, what a great choice this Mavic was. I've had it now for almost a week and have flown it every day. I kept it in beginner mode for the first day, and quickly grew out of that. Then normal, and now all I do is fly it in sport mode. I would like to get a little more...