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  1. D

    Air 2s Last day of winter, spring is only hours away (Alberta, Canada)

    Taken this morning in central Alberta. Lots of snow yet but it will soon be gone.
  2. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Air 2 Sunset and Spring Mist - Mavic Air 2S

    May this year in the Pacific Northwest has been a month of rain and mist, the fog swirling in after the clouds have passed to lay a low blanket over the landscape. From this shallow sea of vapors rise trees like haunting ships sailing through the translucent waves, and hills become looming...
  3. H

    Broken Front Arm Spring Mechanism

    I disassembled my Mavic Pro to fix the gimbal vibration mount and it went well. I reassembled it and noticed my left front arm was flaccid. So I took it apart again and tried to reassemble the spring mechanism but couldn't do it. I think I may have broken it during the repair. Here's photo. Is...
  4. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Washington Memorial Garden - Priest Point Park

    A stunning bouquet of flowers provides a dazzling display in spring at the Washington Memorial Garden, a hidden paradise of blossoming trees and shrubs with quiet paths winding through the lush foliage and bright green lawns. This is one of many idyllic gems to be found in Priest Point Park on...
  5. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    May Flowers in the Temperate Rainforest

    Every day of spring in the temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest brings new wonders as life surges with the turning of the seasons. New flowers appear, bloom and subside into the cascading torrent of fresh green leaves so that from day to day the forest floor changes with shocking...
  6. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Spring Prairies of South Puget Sound

    The wide prairies that stretch South of Puget Sound burst with bright spring colors, the blue of waving Camas blossoms and the myriad hues of a billion wildflowers. From above, flying the brisk air of evening as the sun sets on the mysterious lumps of Mima Mounds, Scatter creek, and the Glacial...
  7. MKurr

    Adirondack Spring

    I was working on this video on and off since spring (more off than on), please tell me what you would have done differently, what you liked, etc.
  8. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Spring on the Prairie

    The prairies of Southwest Washington burst with a sea of Camas flowers in spring. The wildflowers of these meadows fill their air with their heady scent, and the skies are loud with birdsong. A brisk wind blows away the fog of morning to reveal a vivid blue sky, brightening to glorious sunset...
  9. celurae

    Spring capture : combination of Mavic and GH5

    After weeks of cold, gray & rain we finally had some good spring weather this weekend! Time to let the Mavic ( and his brother GH5 ) shine
  10. T

    Sunny Copenhagen- nice spring footage

    Last week we went to Copenhagen, we had great time there and a great weather. I had a bit of problem with USB cable- so GO 4 app often went off. As an outcome my favorite piece with the Church of Our Savior tower was out of focus, but I still decided to include it as footage is still great...
  11. F

    Follow a model airplaine with the mavic

    Hi folks, Tried to follow a model airplane the other day. Thought I would share it with you, including landing at the end. No automatic modes where used, all manual. Specs: The drone was set to sport mode, for increased speed. Cinematic profile 0,-2,-2. Polar pro nd8 polarized filter. Last...
  12. Garuda

    The coming spring....from the air!

    Here is a video that I recently posted on my YT-channel. My goal of filming was to capture that the spring finally arrived after a cold, hard winter here in the northern hemisphere. Enjoy!
  13. T

    End of winter (hopefully) combination of mud, snow and ice

    Spring is slooooowly arriving to southern Finland. It was early morning of cloudy Saturday, quiet and peaceful. Is late March snow is almost gone creating artistic combination of mud, snow and ice. Enjoy watching!