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  1. OzarksDroner

    The Ozarks Droners Club

    We now have an official Drone Hobbyists Club in SW Missouri. The Ozarks Droners Club is for drone enthusiasts in the Ozarks area including Southwest Missouri, Arkansas, etc. and is based in the Queen City of the Ozarks, Springfield Missouri. We'll be having fun gathering to fly and exchange...
  2. U

    New Mavic Owner in Springfield, Mo

    Just wanted to say hi maybe find other pilots in my area. Would love guidance and someone to show me the ropes.
  3. J

    Hit Me Up if You Find Yourself in Springfield, Mo.

    Just wanted to leave this here in case someone close to me gets into the Mavic world and is looking to go do some flying. I'm just starting out in the UAS world with a Mavic but I can tell I'm going to always enjoy this. :) Thanks! Jeff