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star wars

  1. QldKing

    Air 2s WHAT YOU THINK. vs REALITY when you fly your drone.

    Ok - so its not my video ( I just added to it) but who else when you fly your drone does your mind start to think that your flying a X Fighter trying to take out the evil death star?
  2. thefrisbee995

    Mini RAF Greenham Common - USAF, RAF, Star Wars & Nukes... Sounds Perfect To Fly!

    So I was browsing the Phantom pilots forum and came across "RAF Greenham Common" which is now abandoned and good to fly and happened to be near where I was staying for work. Turns out really good to fly. It also has an interesting history of being a joint airforce base (US/UK) and used to house...
  3. Haloweenhamster

    For star wars fans

    Home & Fitness Drones - Propel at The go-to Starfighter of the Rebel Alliance, this all purpose craft with its exceptional speed and combat performance will serve you well during aerial battles. Re-capture your favourite moments for the first time by piloting your very own...
  4. P

    PS4 Netflix/Games + DJI Goggles - Dr. Strange, Star Wars (Lego), TLUO, Naruto

    Hi all, I tried out the DJI Drone Goggles on the PS4. Unfortunately, the PS4 only has one HDMI cable so others can’t see what you’re looking at. No headtracking like with the drone as expected. Video quality is good, similar to a PS4 on TV from a decent sitting distance. The HDMI plug is behind...