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  1. M

    Mavic Air - what color and why

    My first thought was to get the red, but Best Buy doesn't have any available, as of today. My main reason was because it's the most visible color (easiest to see). Now I'm thinking about the white, since white on black is high contrast. Most recently, I thought about putting hi-viz...
  2. Seachief

    Stickers for Mavic and Controller - Cool Product

    I ordered a set of these for my Phantom Pro 3 and really liked them...I see that these guys now offer Mavic-specific sticker sets....Just ordered a set of those and the set of FAA UAS Registration # stickers for my drones and helicopters.
  3. F

    does anyone make Deadpool skins for Mavic?

    Wondering if anyone makes a skin that looks like DC Deadpool for the Mavic?
  4. F

    Can a sticker set / decals interfere with reception? Safe to use?

    Hi everyone I'm a very happy owner of a mavic and have been flying around for about 2 weeks now. I decided to try a sticker mod, so I ordered one from taco-rc dot com and applied it to my mavic today. It looks really cool and I'm quite pleased with the outcome. While I was placing the stickers...