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  1. cknipp

    Best settings to photograph people with Air2S

    Hello folks! This may seem like a silly question, but what are the best settings to photograph people with your drone, Air2S specifically. I use the auto bracketing mode most of the time for landscape photography. I find it does not work best with people because when merging photos they almost...
  2. J

    New in London

    Hi all I just signed up... looks like an interesting and useful place:-) I’m a photographer in London. Bought my first drone - a Mavic 2 Pro - 2 months ago. Have been delighted with the images I’ve been getting. Living in London is a bit restrictive for flying but I’m getting out a few times...
  3. R

    Mavic still photographs for print publication?

    I would like to use the Mavic Pro that I already own for producing high-quality still images for print publication; perhaps for images print up to 6" x 9" at 240/300 dpi. This would be photographs taken under good conditions, full-daylight, etc. etc. My first couple of test runs are producing...
  4. Joely-Bird

    Some Pics from the neighborhood

    I haven't yet posted any pics or videos here... mostly because I haven't had any results that I'm pleased with... don't get me wrong, it is entirely down to my own lack of creativity recently, not down to the Mavic! Most of my flights to date have been tests and getting to know the bird... and...