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  1. Yaros

    Does a drone with the following specs exist?

    I am not going to specify the reasons for such a drone, the drone is not for me, someone juts asked me if sucha drone exist, so I just want to know if it exists. Doesn't matter if it is DJI or Non-DJI. Something similar to the DJI Mini 2 but: - Low price ($400 or less) - 4K camera (preferably...
  2. A

    Inability to decide between Air and Pro Platinum

    Greetings pilots, I'd like your opinions regarding to the possible purchase of either models above, as the usage will be specific. I kinda did my homework about Spark, then Air; (I opted for Spark then decided to go with Air because of the requirements). I live in Switzerland, so 'the' drone...
  3. Cookedinlh


    It sounds so easy but it's not. I just spent more than a week getting DJI authorization with update issues and strange behaviours like the GO4 app flicking back and forth between fly/no-fly and I could start (GREEN Go-fly) and fly within the requested NO-FLY zone but it constantly filled the...