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sun shade

  1. R

    Can someone with the new RC2 controller help please?

    Greetings, A2s / RC Pro user here considering moving to A3 / RC2. I'm wondering if the Hoodman shade and lanyard bracket that I attach to the RC Pro via the accessory mounting screw holes on the lower edge of the controller (along side the SD card slot and USB port) are the same spacing as the...
  2. S

    Sun hood for iPad Mini 6

    Hi, I haven't been able to find a sun hood for the iPad Mini 6. Any recommandations would be appreciated. Equipment: DJI Mini 2 DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller Cynova DJI RC-N1 Mobile Device Holder Pro
  3. Bussty

    Using mouse with Mavic Mini

    I didn't really appreciate this but with android at least (and I assume iphone) you can buy yourself a bluetooth mouse and take total control of your phone/tablet. Why would this be handy? 2 really cool reasons... SUN SHADE If you are using a really closed in Sun Shade or even one made by...
  4. J

    Sun shade for Air controller

    Hi JUST TOOK MY Mavic Air out for only the second time, but it was an abortive mission, as I could not see my controller due to the brightness. anyone know of a suitable ‘shade’ that can be used, to stop the brightness but still see the controller, or will this need to be an arts and crafts...
  5. quadroger

    How to make a DIY Mavic Controller Sun Shade Easy and Cheap - Mavic Controller Sonnenblende

    How to make a DIY Mavic Controller Sun Shade Easy and Cheap - Mavic Controller Sonnenblende
  6. HoodiVision

    HoodiVision Hi-Aerial Hoods and Mavic and Sparc Mounts

    Experience Total Visual Immersion In Comfort Exclusive HoodiVision Pro Drone Hoods 10% Discount Coupon Code: PRO PILOT We are pleased to present the HoodiVision / HiAerial Pro Immersive Hood with our exclusive Comfort Collar. Unlike tight clumsy goggles, just look up to see your surroundings...
  7. S

    Epson Moverio BT-300 FPV-VR

    Just saw this new bundle came out this week by Rochester Optical. It's pretty cool that the VR enclosure is included. If someone has bought it, please share some experience. Thanks!
  8. J

    Mavic Compendium # 2 South Central Florida

    I've had the Mavic for 3 weeks now, and the weather has been pretty darn good in S. Central Florida. Most days I'm looking at 80 degrees for the high, and winds of 5 to 10 MPH. That has given me a chance to get quite a bit of practice in, and I have made some flights over Lake Okeechobee, the...