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  1. Jim D

    3 Smoky Sunrise

    For the first time in a while I was able to see the mountains through the wildfire smoke this morning. After the hottest and driest Oct. on record we are desperate for our normal fall rains to douse the fires, hopefully this coming Friday.
  2. Soar Like an Eagle

    Alternative to my current Tablet

    Hello everyone, I have always used a Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 as a Tablet associated with the remote controller with my drone. After the last use, I started to think seriously about an alternative, because of the difficulties of consulting the screen in the sun. I wanted to ask, kindly, for some...
  3. H

    3 Summer is Almost Here - Surfing at my Home Break - Courts, Oahu, Hawaii

    Hi, Here is another new release of more surfing, more ocean, more waves of my favorite surf break- Courts. Got a new board and have been trying it out. Its been a slow time recently with the waves dying down but this weekend should be a fun time as we see bigger surf hit the South Shore...
  4. North Bay Village and Downtown Miami.JPG

    North Bay Village and Downtown Miami.JPG

    One March morning out over Biscayne Bay, off the coast of North Bay Village, three islands located between Miami and Miami Beach. In the background is the city of Miami.
  5. Jim D

    2 Pro Sunset Lake Stevens

    RAW Pano, shot in bursts of 5, processed in ACR, median stacked, brought back into ACR for stitching.
  6. B

    Screen appeared to freeze in hot weather?

    Hi all, Last week when it was hot, the feed froze on my iphone 7+ whilst flying, I panicked and immediately RTH. Is this a 'thing' in the heat? Was I right to RTH immediately?
  7. Chris P. Chicken

    Beautiful Sunrise + relaxing music | watch, relax, and enjoy!!!

    Beautiful Sunrise + relaxing music | watch, relax, and enjoy!!!
  8. Jim D

    2 Pro Serendipity while practicing

    Went over to the high school play field to practice flying/gimbal moves. When changing batteries I finally looked around (not at phone screen) and saw some nice clouds overhead. Flew up to look down on the lake and found this. 6 shot pano, each shot a burst of 5 RAWs stacked and median...


    A Drone Video Compilation of the SUN captured in many ways and COLORS..
  10. miniflyer

    A Golden Light on the Move

    Here is a short video from yesterday - it was a day of clouds, sun and some windy conditions. The filming started quite well until the gusts decided I had to quit.
  11. Jim D

    Sunrise Pano

    Flew above my house in Lake Stevens, WA to catch the sunrise this morning. Low fog added nice atmosphere.
  12. Jim D

    Sunset over the lake

    MP2, 6 RAW images, processed and stitched in ACR
  13. Jim D

    Sunrise over Lake Stevens west side

    I'd been flying from my house to view the lake from the south, but have made it over to the west side a couple times this week for sunrise. M2P
  14. J

    first picture with mavic pro and lightroom

    what do you guys think, i need to learn all the features in lightroom but i think it is pretty good. but i need to learn not to get the glare from the sun in the lens, which filters (ND or UV) do i have to use?
  15. S

    The power of HDR on Mavic pro and air

    Now, as a photographer, I urge people to use the bracketing in order to get better dynamic range and not to just create surreal alien LSD images..Here is a good example, I believe, when a backlit object could be easily photographed by a mavic my website: instagram...
  16. k idea

    Short Video - Blue Point Beach @ Bali

    Enjoy the sun, sea and sand!
  17. waveraven

    Sunsets & Sunrises - Post here!

    Hey guys! Be great to see your photos & footage of sunrise / sunsets. Its a notoriously difficult scene to shoot, so would be great to hear you experiences. Here is my latest effort: