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  1. miniflyer

    A Golden Light on the Move

    Here is a short video from yesterday - it was a day of clouds, sun and some windy conditions. The filming started quite well until the gusts decided I had to quit.
  2. Jim D

    Sunrise Pano

    Flew above my house in Lake Stevens, WA to catch the sunrise this morning. Low fog added nice atmosphere.
  3. Jim D

    Sunset over the lake

    MP2, 6 RAW images, processed and stitched in ACR
  4. Jim D

    Sunrise over Lake Stevens west side

    I'd been flying from my house to view the lake from the south, but have made it over to the west side a couple times this week for sunrise. M2P
  5. J

    first picture with mavic pro and lightroom

    what do you guys think, i need to learn all the features in lightroom but i think it is pretty good. but i need to learn not to get the glare from the sun in the lens, which filters (ND or UV) do i have to use?
  6. S

    The power of HDR on Mavic pro and air

    Now, as a photographer, I urge people to use the bracketing in order to get better dynamic range and not to just create surreal alien LSD images..Here is a good example, I believe, when a backlit object could be easily photographed by a mavic my website: instagram...
  7. k idea

    Short Video - Blue Point Beach @ Bali

    Enjoy the sun, sea and sand!
  8. waveraven

    Sunsets & Sunrises - Post here!

    Hey guys! Be great to see your photos & footage of sunrise / sunsets. Its a notoriously difficult scene to shoot, so would be great to hear you experiences. Here is my latest effort: