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Alternative to my current Tablet

Jun 13, 2020
Hello everyone,
I have always used a Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 as a Tablet associated with the remote controller with my drone.

After the last use, I started to think seriously about an alternative, because of the difficulties of consulting the screen in the sun.

I wanted to ask, kindly, for some suggestions for an Android tablet, with a display of around 8 inches and a SIM slot in order to possibly replace mine, which has a good degree of "visibility" of the screen under the sun...
I also imagined using those "parasols" to attach to the remote control/screen, but I don't know their goodness and practicality.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I think the Tripltek is the one that folks go to when they want/need a brighter screen. But the weight of the Tripltek by itself before you add the tablet holder is 1.37 pounds, 600g. In contrast my iPad Mini6 weighs 10 ounces/ .625 pounds/ 293g (no m/s), less than half the weight of the Tripltek, but admittedly is way lower in nits. You'll need a heavy duty tablet holder too. A tablet holder like the one shown below weighs next to nothing and costs only $10 and takes 2 second to install. A heavier bracket will take time for you to set it up, even before installing the Tripltek to it. . You might find a heavy brackets to add an additional 8oz/225g. I also own a bracket similar to what you'd need for the Tripltek, but didn't need a super heavy duty one to hold my 293g tablet. I rarely use it simply because of set up time needed for it so I use the one below for my Mini 2, but need the other one for my M2P.

I was going to suggest a smart controller as an alternative, but in doing a bit of googling DJI makes it as confusing as possible as to which one you'd choose for a given model.

I'm not in any way suggesting that you not buy a Tripltek. It is probably the best thing going when you have to be flying out in direct sunlight. I only bring up the weight issue because it's something I wrestled with last year and decided that I didn't want to fight with that much weight.

Just putting it all out there to consider.

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Here are the pics of the Lanyard and Tripltek Tablet mount.
Works great together.
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So alternatives.

1000 nits or better
DJI CrystalSky 2017
DJI RC Pro 2021

Tablets that meet the following criteria required for the Fly App:

Android 6.0 minimum
64 bit hardware and OS
3 or 4 GB RAM.
With GPS (not required but a benefit)
Compass(not required but a benefit)

Confirmed, Works on:

Above specs verified @ - mobile phone reviews, news, specifications and more...

Android Tablets
Lenovo Legion Y700
Huawei MediaPad M5
Samsung 8.7" Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 32GB Tablet
Samsung Tab А8 10.5 Wi-Fi SM-X200; Galaxy Tab А8 10.5 LTE SM-X205
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4
Samsung S5E
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3
Asus Zenpad Z8s ZT582KL

The attached list is tablets only pulled from - best-tablets and phones. Some have the nits listed.

Hope this helps.


  • Tablet_List.pdf
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  • Phone_List.pdf
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Guys, I want to thank you all!
You gave me very good suggestions!

Cheers from Italy!
I got a call last night from a friend of mine. He flys a MA1. He recently the latest Android phone (i use apple so i have no idea which one) and he said DJI Go 5 will not link with his drone so when he put DJI Go4 on his phone it causes his phone to crash. Any thoughts???
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I was hesitant to switch to Apple from Android, after years of flying and having many disconnects. I finally made the switch and never going back to Android for DJI. Get a renewed Apple Ipad mini 4th gen on Amazon for around $150. If sun is a problem, buy a visor or you can make one yourself from a sheet of black plastic from a crafts store, Youtube "dyi visor drone tablet"
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