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  1. Soar Like an Eagle

    Alternative to my current Tablet

    Hello everyone, I have always used a Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 as a Tablet associated with the remote controller with my drone. After the last use, I started to think seriously about an alternative, because of the difficulties of consulting the screen in the sun. I wanted to ask, kindly, for some...
  2. R

    Mediapad M5 8.4 tablet and M2 controller fit

    Considering the Huawei mediapad m5 8" for my mavic 2 pro but I want to hear from users if it fits in the rc controller? Not interested in using holders or ipad alternative options. Thanks
  3. imnotmarvin

    Larger but dimmer tablet vs smaller brighter phone

    I have and iPhone 12 Pro Max that is nice and bright but too small for my aging eyes. I'm looking at a tablet that's significantly less bright (roughly 450 nits) but larger (8-10"). Has anyone gone to a less bright tablet and still considered it a good upgrade?
  4. T

    Best tablet under $500 for flying a drone?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a tablet with a bright display that is under $500. 8" screen size or above. Android preferably. Thanks.
  5. N

    Tablet with cell service or no cell service

    Hello from Nova Scotia Canada. I am new here. I have DJI Mavic Mini and looking at getting an iPad. Will be buying new. I understand the cost with extra options and extra storage, that is not a concern. My question relates to the need for or not need of cell service / a data connection to the...
  6. D

    iPad/Tablet Holder - Freebie on Thingiverse

    I just posted a printable version of my tablet holder (mine's an iPad Pro 9.7 in a case) on Thingiverse. It's a freebie. Very snug, stable and secure, it works well with smaller tablets too and does not require a long USB wire. The DJI provided wire works fine. Mavic Air 2 iPad/Tablet Holder...
  7. Y

    Controller intermittently not connecting to tablet - any suggestions?

    Hi folks, I have a new MA2 and am having intermittent issues with the DYI Fly app saying the controller is not connected to the tablet. About half the time everything connects fine and I get in a couple good flights. The other half the time it says that the controller is not connected at all and...
  8. krodgerson

    Using Hudl tablet as screen. Problems with DJI Go4

    I have a Tesco Hudl tablet which I used with DJI Go when I had an Inspire 1 BUT I now have a Mavic 2Pro and I can't get the DJI Go4 APP to work with it. I always get the message "Unfortunately DJI GO 4 has stopped" when I try to open it on the Hudl. I've tried reloading but the same thing...
  9. Cranky

    To be connected or not? (that is the question)

    Hello from the UK Can someone help me with this simple question- Should my phone (Android) or tablet (again Android) be connected to anything other than the Mavic pro while flying? by anything I mean of course the internet, either by sim card or Wi-Fi? does the app or the drone need a...
  10. Ace79

    CrystalSky 5.5 or iPad Mini 4?

    I really need a dedicated monitor because my S7 Edge just sucks anymore. Reluctantly, I think I am going to spend more for a tablet than I want to because I need to be able to count on it. I'm truly stuck between the CS 5.5 and an iPad mini 4. There are pros and cons to each so I am looking for...
  11. Paddepanik

    Tablet for Mavic Air

    Hello all, I am on the market for a tablet to use with my Mavic Air. I have read on several different places that 2gb RAM is minimum to run the DJIGO 4 App, have not found out any specific cpu or gpu requirements, so I am wondering would this tablet be sufficient enough? LENOVO Tab 4 10" Plus...
  12. CarsonV123

    Unable to play videos from SD card off mavic air

    Hey guys, So I've done a few flights on my new mavic air (had an amazing time!) and have stored my videos and such on a 64GB microSD in the MavicA. The video cache on my phone (backed up by google photos) gets the los res feed videos and photos on there but when i go get the videos off the SD...
  13. T

    Mavic Pro Tablet

    Hi Guys, I am just about to purchase a Mavic Pro and have been looking into a tablet to go with it. My Specifications for the tablet are as follows: 1.6 Ghz Processor 2 GB Ram HDMI Output I have seen everyone recommend the Nvidia Shield K1, however, as it is discontinued I cannot find...
  14. BadgerDrone


    I heard some new ones just came out? anyone have a fav? I have an otterbox case on the 9.7 ipad 5th gen, will that still fit into the mounts?
  15. K

    iPad or iPad Mini?

    I can't decide between the 9.7 inch iPad and 7.9 inch iPad Mini. There seems to be a few differences besides the screen size difference. The Mini has the anti-reflective screen coating which I think would be beneficial for our purposes. It's also easier to carry than 9.7" iPad. I would also have...
  16. C

    UK Cheapest phone or tablet with best battery life to use with controller for Mavic Pro?

    Hi Guys Does anyone want to suggest the cheapest phone or tablet with best battery life to use with controller for Mavic Pro available in the UK? My iPhone SE from near fully charged lasted only about 15 minutes today. Maybe I had the screen up too bright, maybe the batteries going who knows...
  17. X

    Looking to buy a decent Tablet for my Mavic Pro

    As per the title I'm looking for a decent affordable tablet that can meet my flying needs for the MAVIC PRO. Everywhere I go people suggest the Crystal sky but being a locked down monitor with only the DJI Go app capability and the price tag, I feel this is not for me. I'm torn between a few...
  18. e3m6n3s

    Longer cable from Air RC controller to Apple Mini4

    Hi everyone! Thinking about using a tripod to hold my Apple iPad Mini 4 while connect, via cable, to the Air RC controller. Has anyone done this before and if so, could you point me in the right direction for a longer cable (3 FT+)? Thanks in advance.
  19. I

    Drone Gloves

    Yep, Getting cold. Looked at these gloves for flying. Not bad. What are you using?
  20. K

    Using a Phone vs. Tablet while Flying... Recommendations?

    Hi everyone, I've been using my iPhone 6s when I'm flying the Mavic Pro and I'm curious if it makes a huge difference to use a tablet that has a larger screen. What do you think? Is it really worth it to get a tablet? Any words of advice, previous experiences are appreciated. Make it a great...