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Longer cable from Air RC controller to Apple Mini4


Feb 6, 2018
Riverside, CA
Hi everyone!

Thinking about using a tripod to hold my Apple iPad Mini 4 while connect, via cable, to the Air RC controller.

Has anyone done this before and if so, could you point me in the right direction for a longer cable (3 FT+)?

Thanks in advance.
standard lightning charge cable available everywhere, even at the local 7-11
Thanks but I am looking for lightning to micro-b cable at a length longer than the standard 1 foot. That is the proper type correct?
nope, get the lightning to usb and plug it into the bottom port

you probably have one lying around that you use to charge the pad
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The majority of 3rd party Lightning cables tend to have bad reviews for some reason. I recently bought this AmazonBasics 10' Lightning cable. So far, so good. It also comes with a 1-year Amazon warranty.
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Amazon will have it, might take a little searching but they have just about any cable one might need. Just be sure what yr looking at is the one you need before clicking the buy button.
I would only use the actual Apple brand cable for this connection. Steal the one that came with your pad and buy a cheap one for charging at home. I have had good luck with various Amazon cables but the lightning connection seems to be the sketchy area on the cheap cables. No worries about the time, I'm retired.
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DEFINITELY use the USB port on the bottom of the Controller. You do NOT want to be messing with that evil side port for anything other than charging the remote - wish there were other options even for that!~

yep. In this case use your official Apple charge cable that came with your phone/tablet and plug it into the bottom port.

A tripod is a bad idea. I would not want to be tethered to a screen siting on a tripod near me. Just get a bracket for your mini and stop trying to do something like tripod.
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