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  1. J

    Cable for iPad Air 4

    Hi everyone. I just bought an iPad Air 4 and need a cable to connec it to the controller. Already bought a common one USB C to USB A in a local computer store and it doesn’t work. Have anybody bought a cable that works on Amazon. Seems that it need to be charging and data transfer one but not...
  2. Y

    Controller intermittently not connecting to tablet - any suggestions?

    Hi folks, I have a new MA2 and am having intermittent issues with the DYI Fly app saying the controller is not connected to the tablet. About half the time everything connects fine and I get in a couple good flights. The other half the time it says that the controller is not connected at all and...
  3. T

    Building Crash - Need Reputable place to buy parts

    Today I had a mishap with my Mavic 2 Pro. I got a little too comfortable with the obstacle avoidance and tried to get a shot while flying towards a building. The drone didn't even flinch, it literally just bounced off of the building. Upon inspection, the Lens cover is broke and the gimbal...
  4. D

    iPad Mini 4 charging and USB cable

    Hi. Does anyone know if the charging cable for the iPad Mini 4 can be used as the USB cable connected to the remote controller? I'm having some issues and can't tell yet whether it's this charging cable I'm using or the iPad. I have the M2Pro. Thx.
  5. R

    Please help! 0x800000 error, no Gimbal Status option in the Options menu and no SD card.

    I purchased a second-hand Mavic 1 pro recently with the owner stating that it needed a gimbal ribbon replacement. It was a good price so I figured I could try and fix it as a project. I have an issue after replacing the gimbal ribbon and video cable. I still get the 0x800000 error but the...
  6. I

    This Cable just made my DJI Osmo Pocket EPIC..

    If you Own a #DJI #Osmo #pocket then you need to be buying this £6 cable to make it a top Cinematic tool.No Need for Wifi unit with this cable. Use an Ipad with the Osmo Pocket.
  7. D

    Vision system errors and fix

    So I am on my second Mavic Pro now, and have been keeping a good record of flights and distances ect. The first one went down on a cold day with some wind - put it down to adverse conditions. The insurance covered it but rain water had destroyed the craft and we never got to the bottom of the...
  8. Prmath

    Fly with the cable......

    turning off WI-FI and using a cable connection from RC to the tablet or phone..... Is this really possible ?
  9. V

    Mid Year Sale on LifThor Sif Tablet Holder "COMBO"

    We have finally created at COMBO of the COLLAPSIBLE LifThor Sif - that includes most of the stuff you'll need to get an awesome flying experience. You save USD $50 on this combo until June 18th. Choose between Standard and XXL Tablet Holder, Lightning, Micro USB or USB Type C cable, and...
  10. M

    Lots of parts replaced... still no image

    Bit of a long story but I figured Id explain the problem, how I got here and what I've tried so I don't waste anyone's time.. Crash from a great height a few months ago... replaced the following 1. Both arms on the right side (front and back) 2. Gimbal shock plate Afterwards I occasionally got...
  11. M

    Mavic controller -> LMR240 cables to amplifiers, thoughts?

    Hi, I am planning on running 15 foot of LMR-240 cables from my Mavic Controller to a pair of Sunhans SH-2500 booster/amplifiers, then off of those, some 8dbi antennas. Is 15 foot to much of a run? Any thoughts on this setup? I'm going to be...
  12. F

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Cable Routing Pics Please

    HI, I am in the middle of replacing my gimbal cable and got the old one off, only to realize I don't have any good reference for how it goes back together. The routing is complex with lots of bends, wraps, twists, etc. This is the flat cable that has 4 connection points. I've been viewing...
  13. A

    Gimbal board broken from crash? ribbon & cam line cable replaced, neither gimbal movement nor video!

    Hi Guys, i crashed my mavic, ribbon cable and camera line cable ripped off. I bought replacements on amazon and replaced them with the help of a YT video. I recon everything went fine, all connectors fit good. BUT: I have no gimbal movement when turning the mavic on (no calibration, no...
  14. Amarand

    iPhone 8 Plus in Otterbox Symmetry Case

    So...just got my Mavic Air today, and realized that the iPhone 8 Plus in an Otterbox Symmetry case doesn't fit the Mavic controller (issues: the cable won't fit into the stand-off of the case, and the case won't physically fit.) So, there are options. The first being "don't use a case on my...
  15. e3m6n3s

    Longer cable from Air RC controller to Apple Mini4

    Hi everyone! Thinking about using a tripod to hold my Apple iPad Mini 4 while connect, via cable, to the Air RC controller. Has anyone done this before and if so, could you point me in the right direction for a longer cable (3 FT+)? Thanks in advance.
  16. D

    Wrong charging cable

    Hello! I received my Mavic Pro Platinum a few days ago. The USB cable that goes from the charger to the remote doesn’t fit! It has rounded corners. I went to two stores trying to find one that has square corners. What is it called do I can go online to order one? My several emails to...
  17. P

    Broken Gimble Mount and Ribbon Cable

    New to MavicPilots, excited to be on board. A few weeks back I had the dreaded first crash with my Mavic. Got caught a top a rather large tree, had to throw something to get it down, smacked into the dirt. The black plastic gimble/camera mount broke (I understand this is very common and see a...
  18. cag_tc

    L shaped Data cable replacement

    Hi, has anyone tried this L shaped data cable on Mavic? KUCIPA “L” Shape Design USB Quick Charger Data Sync Cable For iPhone 6S 6S 5S 5C | eBay I have the link from a post in dji forum, but nobody specified if it works or not. I have been getting disconnected from the app lately and it...
  19. K

    USB cable - the ultimate solution :-)

    I have (had, a while ago) a good deal of experience designing electronics and talking to Chinese factories. But it never ceases to amaze me how expensive is something stupid when produced as a single item. "The USB cable for the price of Mavic" (tm) (well, not exactly, but catchy phrase)...
  20. Aronda

    Crashed mavic, silver cable Camera video data substitution

    Hi, ha had a crash with my Mavic, and the camera and gimbal were ripped of the drone. I want to repair that by myself because i see that the gimbal cable was sold as spareparts but i don´t see anywhere the silver multicable video data. I hope i could buy it in the near future. but... Anyone who...