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remote controller

  1. doubleplay86

    FS: Mavic Pro Accessories (Filters, Props etc.) $50 or BEST OFFER

    My Mavic Pro Platinum was stolen but my accessories case wasn't so I'm selling off the accessories I've got left which are all in like new or new condition. SOLD - LN Mavic Pro Remote - SOLD SOLD - LN Mavic Pro Battery and Remote Charger, also have multi-battery at once charger - SOLD SOLD -...
  2. P

    FOR SALE: Spare Mavic Pro Controller & Battery Charger (UK Plug)

    Hi guys, Last summer I lost my drone whilst flying in Portugal. The strong offshore winds pulled it out and I couldn't bring it back. My heart dropped as I saw the drone plunge into the ocean on my live feed Luckily I had insurance, and I managed to claim back all the money to purchase another...
  3. S

    Help finding out what this drone is

    Hello, I've been looking around d for about week now and still not much. I bought a used drone at city auction, but didn't come with a controller and it was a crashed drone. There's no name brand or markings besides whats shown on the pictures below. Im trying to get it to fly again. Any help...
  4. Tanushiheadbash

    RC Borked?

    My Mavic Air is less than 24 hours out the box (has not flown at all yet) and I think I have a borked RC. Before I get bogged down with DJI support (not open yet) I just want to make sure I have not missed anything obvious. Out the box everything was fine. I charged everything up and after a...
  5. Prmath

    Joystick protector Cover

    Good morning........ Does the protector cover for the joysticks on the Spark remote Also fit the Mavic Air? The Mavic Air doesn’t seem to have one specifically designed for its controller....... TIA
  6. e3m6n3s

    Longer cable from Air RC controller to Apple Mini4

    Hi everyone! Thinking about using a tripod to hold my Apple iPad Mini 4 while connect, via cable, to the Air RC controller. Has anyone done this before and if so, could you point me in the right direction for a longer cable (3 FT+)? Thanks in advance.
  7. D

    RC usb port issues

    My dji go 4 app will not connect to the AC. I have narrowed it down to blaming the USB port at the bottom of the controller being loose or broken and not forming a proper connection. When plugged in my phone screen has a pop up reading "improper connection, please check charger" and the RC...
  8. T

    Charging the Mavic Pro Controller

    Hey guys, Just a quick question. I always assumed that when the Remote Controller is fully charged, it will show a BAT 100 PCT message and that's when you pull out the charging cable. However, today, I charged the RC and then took a nap, and when I awoke about 1.5 hours later, the RC has no...
  9. T

    Mavic Pro Plat - Will not Connect on Android but did originally

    Hi ALl, I have a new Maic Pro Platinum 3 weeks old. It connected no problems 3 weeks ago, and RC and drone all worked fine with my Android S6. Now 3 week later the same phone will not connect. I have re-downloaded the app ect, and still no luck. I then downloaed the app onto a another android...
  10. B

    Remote controller beeping *more* after latest firmware upgrade

    Hey everyone, new mavic owner here, and I had to do the firmware upgrade today. It seems that after the upgrade, the remote controller started beeping also on obstacle warnings - before it was only vibrating. So when taking off in a relatively confined space, the remote beeps constantly...
  11. R

    Android streaming casting to big TV

    Hi All He's a video of my attempt to go BIG SCREEN, using the android casting via wifi and connecting to the remote controller with the OTG. And technically it works. But I'm getting unreliable performance from my OTG which causes the DJI Go 4 app to fight for the wifi connection - sometimes it...
  12. J

    SOLD - Mavic Pro Remote, Props

    I sold a Mavic drone and the buyer did not want the remote or charger, so I have them for sale. I also have three pair of original DJI props still in their boxes for sale. Remote (includes original cables) - $180, free shipping in U.S. lower 48 Props - $8/pair, free shipping in U.S. lower 48...
  13. K

    Mavic rc

    Will the current mavic pro remote work with the platinum?
  14. Londroner

    Remote Controller: small connector bracket frustration

    Is anyone else frustrated by the very small square plastic bracket/slider that holds the connector plug for your phone or tablet on the left device holder of your Remote Controller? Whenever I remove my iPhone from the clamps the (in this case) Lightning connector is pulled out of its holder, or...
  15. @idofuel


    Crashed my Mavic in Don Pedro and now have RC for sale with carbon fiber skin. $200 bucks plus shipping...pic attached
  16. R

    Remote controller cant connect to phone

    I was using my mavic with oneplus one phone without any problems. Suddenly it cant connect. I tried cables, clean cache, reinstall. Nothing worked. I tried tablet, and it is working. Can somebody help?
  17. F

    Beeps - anyone have a list of why/when Mavic will beep?

    There was only one mentioned in user manual, remote controller will beep when powered on. Could not find a definitive list of reasons that there will be audible beep from controller. If they are warnings shouldn't there be a list somewhere? I've seen a couple talked about in threads, like low...
  18. H

    RC won't connect to Flight simulation??

    I open up the DJI assistant app, the Mavic connects fine, the remote control flicks to USB for like two seconds and then it just switches straight back to Atti/gps mode, meaning I am unable to use it for flying in the simulation. I've tried a combination of things -turning on the remote first /...
  19. L

    Flying Mavic with controller ONLY?

    I recently did something pretty dumb, lost my Mavic. :mad::mad: I don't think I will be able to get it back, but have to ask anyway. I was flying it with just the remote controller since my iPhone was dead. It flew away and never came back. My question is there any way to get the GPS from the...
  20. F

    Is my controller broken?

    Hey! I have barely even tried my mavic and the controller fan is making a lot of noise, is this just for me or is it normal? Please watch: