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Flight records on RC recorded with wrong dates

Michel Soucy

Feb 25, 2023
Cheticamp, NS, Canada
New RC controller & Mavic 3 Classic

Hi everyone, enjoying the new RC/M3C however yesterday I discovered something which has me a little perplexed.

Three short flights on March 2, 2023 were recorded as 2023-03-01 rather than 2023-03-02 on the RC (Profile > More).

Discovered this after I had transferred images and videos onto my Mac via Lightroom and noticed the exif data error. The “times” were correct (except for the -4 hours for the videos which I’m aware of the issue when it comes to videos and MAC OS thus I correct the metadata manually) but the DATE recorded was wrong and as the previous day/date.

I looked at the files logged on the RC and nothing was logged for March 2nd despite having had 3 short flights. I verified the firmware for both the drone and RC, all are up to date with the TimeZone correctly set and I’m left a little stumped. The only odd issue I've encountered have been the odd but brief "RC Signal Interference" msgs which clear as soon as I move the drone a few feet, likely due to a wifi tower in the region.

Anyone else have encountered this date issue?

Weather permitting I’ll do a quick test today to see if I can replicate the issue. I’ll also contact DJI support directly….

Thanks in advance

~ Michel
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Have a look at post 5 in
Date and/or time in logs are wrong - Mini 3 Pro
it might be relevant.
Thanks, not sure, would have to check but pretty sure wifi gets turned off automatically with the Fly app.
Have heard back from support and have sent more info...will see what they say, then report back here.
They're wanting screenshots and RC model #...which is RM330.

Edit: I'll be sure though to check that WIFI is manually switched off going forward and see if the error repeats, then after a few days switch it back on and see. The files listed on the attached screenshot ought to be 2023-03-02 but now since they're listed as 2023-03-01... they're included in that days flight records. The "times" are correct however and are listed in chronological order "per the time" on March 1st. Nothing for the 2nd.


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Just heard back from support after sending them my previous report of my brief test having recorded properly and it reads as follows:

"Dear Michel,

Greetings from DJI Customer Support.

Very glad to hear that you solved this issue and everything was recorded correctly.

Your concern has been recorded, if the issue persists and any other question, please feel free to contact us."

And so I'm assuming no further assessment of what may have/have not happened will take place.
Here's what _I have_ done....
1 - Backed up the original files of that date including those that were misdated.
2 - For my own workflow, have renamed the 3 misdated files to reflect the correct date with tags inserted within the files to reflect the issue at hand.
3 - Have adjusted the metadata (date) the the images were taken for purposes of my workflow in LR Classic (Mac) and included the nature of the issue and to NOT delete, simply make sure to back-up.
4 - Have made notes in my handwritten log which reflect the issue at hand in the event they're needed down the road.

And to keep a very close eye on the logging after each flight, especially if I change anything in my settings. At this point, nothing jumps out at me. Despite my being fairly new at RPAS's, I'm do feel as I'm getting a good handle on the learning process with many flights when the weather conditions permit given where we live in Cheticamp (Cape Breton Island).

I'll also do periodic searches here in the event someone else reports a similar problem and follow accordingly.

Now, if the temps could rise just a bit....

Thanks all.

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