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flight record

  1. jungliemac

    DJI Go Flight Record recovery

    Whilst trying to clear my cache I inadvertently deleted my complete Flight Record. Is there any way I can recover it?
  2. M

    lost mavic in Leiwen, Mosel, Germany

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I apologize for this first post. You only look for forums when something happened. But I promise to be more around in the future. On Saturday I lost my Mavic. It was a sunny day with only a very small amount of wind. I started with a fully loaded battery, but...
  3. Hashemi

    “Find my drone” and “Flight records” won’t help

    HELP! I’ve been flying my mavic pro for about a year and I absolutely love it! I mainly use it for shooting promo videos for our bike shop in Huntington Beach and for leasure. Today was a very said day... I account crashed into the very top of a palm tree while flying backwards near the pacific...
  4. N

    RTH issue at 3000ft distance.

    Hey Fellow pilots, I had a scary moment with my Mavic this past weekend. I flew it about 3000Ft away, and then hit RTH button on the RC, and the drone turned to my direction by wouldn't move (0 mph) for a few minutes. Then i canceled RTH and tried to bring it home using the sticks, but the mavic...
  5. Pablo Reynaldo

    Mavic tried to kill my friend. Video and flight record included.

    I'm being dramatic with my post title, but I did have a little scare with my Mavic today. In the past, loss of drone control is due to magnetic interference or a switch to ATTI Mode, confirmed by watching the flight log. I can find no explanation for my Mavic's sudden attempt to take my friends...
  6. M

    Lost Mavic Pro flying over the base of Mt Fuji

    So this morning we lost our Mavic Pro flying over the lower glacier area at Mt Fuji. Because it's still the snowy season here in the Mt Fuji area of Japan, it's very difficult to get up to a decent starting elevation with good sight lines on the mountain. Ended up launching from the highest...
  7. tellytom

    Flight Records gone

    I have DJI GO 4 running on an ios device and until today I could go up to the upper right-hand corner of the opening screen and view my Flight Records. Today I went in to give them a look and they are all gone and I have no idea why. I've not done any updating lately and have been running the...