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RTH issue at 3000ft distance.


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Apr 6, 2017
Hey Fellow pilots, I had a scary moment with my Mavic this past weekend. I flew it about 3000Ft away, and then hit RTH button on the RC, and the drone turned to my direction by wouldn't move (0 mph) for a few minutes. Then i canceled RTH and tried to bring it home using the sticks, but the mavic will pickup speeds upto 18 mph and then brake. This happened several times, before I was able to safely bring it back using the RC.

Link/Attached is my flight record, have you guys ever experienced anything similar? Should i send mavic for service?

Any help is much appreciated.


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Was your return journey flying towards the sun? A lot of people have had problems with the obstacle avoidance sensors mistaking the sun for an obstacle. If you're flying manually, you can get over this by turning the Mavic round, and fly home in reverse.
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it wasn't exactly all that sunny. The skies were redish though. If it was the sensors, wouldn't it tell me that the stopping is because of the sensor? I kept on getting "
Braking now! Return sticks to midpoints first."
Here's your log:
Phantom Log Viewer -

The "braking now" messages indicate the sensors were detecting an obstacle. If you cannot reproduce that issue with the sensors disabled, then the sun was probably shining into the sensors.
ok, that explains a lot! No need for service then :) Thank you guys, this is an awesome community!
I have almost similar situation like you last week.
But in my situation the bird wandered off while I was checking something on my video feed.
It only took a moment to glance @ the monitor and look back @ the bird and it was gone.
It was @ 370+ft alt quite far enough, looked up and around can't find it @ that point panic sets in.
With hands shaking while viewing the video feed I managed to focus and just control the bird relying on Alt/Distant of travel, I know for sure that I engaged RTH @ least twice but cancelled it. I remember the 1st time I RTH since I have no visual of the bird @ that point a few moment after RTH I saw on the remote "Landing" I cannot hear it so I don't know where it's landing so I ABORT!!!@ the end I managed to bring her home safe.
Here's the link of that flight.......I called it FLYING BLIND.

After point C, D to Q I was literally flying blind (1st experience/newbie pilot)

Airdata UAV - Flight Data Analysis for Drones
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