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  1. N

    Mavic 2 Zoom battery problems

    I put my M2Z battery on the charger yesterday to bring the cycle count to 5. The charger immediately got fried when I plugged it in. Following that strange event, I realized the battery would not turn off by any means. The lights on the battery would register with the button press, but strangely...
  2. M

    Air2S not taking off, Flymode not changeable, Sensors "not able"

    Hello and good day to all, I'm new here and I have the same problem: Problem: My Air2s no longer takes off. She came back from the flight, was stowed and retrieved. Nothing has changed in between. The start log shows no errors, it says "ready to start" in the check. The flight mode is...
  3. Sand_Hanitizer

    Gimbal problems

    When I fly my Dji mini 2, gimbal slightly tilts, sometimes it tilts enough to make video look like a horrible mess (lately there have been 20+ mph winds) so I don’t know if it’s the wind? Even if it is the wind, the gimbal should still be correcting it‘s position. I’ve already tried calibrating...
  4. Z

    Help please! Antenna Install

    Hi guys but of help if you wouldn’t mind. I brought a better antenna for my pro V1 and when I installed the new cables it all went fine until I put it back together the 5d button (on the board) had moved down slightly as though the new bolts with the wires going through them had pushed...
  5. visualsbypedro

    Gimbal not straight

    I’ve had my Mavic 3 and occasionally I’d notice that my horizon would not be straight but at a pretty big angle. Recently I got into doing hyperlapse and noticed that it was significantly worse. Has anyone had this issue? If so have you been able to correct it? I’ve already calibrated the gimbal...
  6. T

    Sudden Gimbal movements

    Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great start into 2022! I have noticed something weird with my Mavic Air2 several times now. I've had it for half a year now and never crashed or dropped it. Since last month, the gimbal sometimes suddenly tilts down while flying backwards. I will try to attach...
  7. N

    Dji smart controller black screen without overlay

    Hello, after turn on my smart controller screen goes black . Solutions with reboot doesn't work and I don't know what to do. SC even can't connect to drone.
  8. M

    Mavic mini 2 nine first charge with fixed red led

    Hello everyone,:) I just received my new DJI mavic mini 2 from Amazon. I started to reload it as written on the instructions. Unfortunately, after a short period of charging the device turns on and indicates a solid red LED. The first reloading led flashes. Should I return my drone to Amazon...
  9. Aeroart

    Help! My MA2 won't turn on.

    HELP! I pulled my MA2 out of its case yesterday to go fly. Press the power.....nothing. The batteries are all showing full charges and the contacts on both batteries and drone are clean. I tried plugging it into my computer to see if it needed a firmware update. It did and I was able to update...
  10. W

    Video cutting off for half a second... Pls Help

    Hey! i have a problem that my Mavic pro video chops up in the middle of it. It does this for like half a second and then goes back to normal and i have no idea why. I have had the drone for a while now and have never seen this problem before. Under the recording it said that my chache was full...
  11. C

    Air 2 weird shaking

    Hello All, I was flying my Air 2 today, and experienced this very weird strong shaking about a minute after take off. The weather was decent, there was some wind, but nothing crazy. I was flying over water to a lighthouse, in a straight line in sports mode. I was recording my way there and...
  12. N

    Mavic Air 2 Controller won't Connect to my Phone

    My Mavic Air 2 got delivered yesterday. However, when I connect my phone to the controller, the phone doesn't recognize that the controller is connected. I have attached the controller and drone to my computer and updated the firmware on both. I also have tried connecting to the controller with...
  13. m80116

    Why I do believe there's a HUGE problem with the Mavic Mini - Flew AWAY the 2nd day

    Hello, I am m80(116) new drone and forum user from Italy. I am writing here because I've lost my Mavic Mini after the 2nd day of ownership. This is by far one of the most embarrassing accident I've ever had in 2019 and one that I feel can't really be blamed for... I went through a month of...
  14. B

    Pixelated Video Only at Certain Sizes? O.o

    Hi Mavic Community, This one is throwing me for a loop as I've used my Mavic countless times but today after I filmed some lobster fishing I noticed that the entire video looks out of focus or pixelated. Once I scaled the window down the video was running perfectly clear and looked great. Is...
  15. R

    M2P Quickshots not working

    Hi all, first of hopefully many posts and contributions to this forum! I recently purchased a mavic 2 pro, everything on the drone works fine.. apart from the quick shot functions Cirle, Helix and boomerang! When I lock onto a subject and press go, it starts normally, then around 20% of the way...
  16. G

    Hyperlapse problems

    Everytime I do a sunset hyperlapse something goes wrong and every couple of seconds the image turns darker, depending on the length of the hyperlapse it can happen a few times per hyperlapse. I will try to upload an example so you can see for yourself and help me fix this. I have all setting on...
  17. D

    Little enigma of physics that I asked myself

    Hello, I had thought of a physical problem that I did not know how to solve. My colleagues have not been able to answer either. Here's the problem : I own a drone and be on a moving train. I decide to fly my drone 1 meter higher from the ground, in stationary mode. Will the drone crash? I...
  18. CemAygun

    Static (grounded) camera stability problem...

    I posted this in the DJI MA forum couple of days ago but could not get any replies. I just wanted to try my luck here, in case there is a solution: Couple of days back I was out for some sunset videos with my camera when I realized that I forgot all my batteries home. I already had the MA in...
  19. D

    Connection Problem Android / Controller - Need help please

    Hello, I purchased a mavic 2 pro, and it's been two days since I can not fly my drone : Here are the steps I did : -Connect to DJi GO4 -plug my android to the controller -turn on the drone -Go to the application and click on Enter Device -Click on Connect to the aircraft. [First problem : I'm...
  20. C

    Mavic 2 Pro - LED Intermittent Problem

    I just got my Mavic 2 Pro few days ago - What an expensive device! I started noticing some problem when I started my flight today - the LED on one of the legs has a loose connection. I need to keep beating the leg to turn it on. Weird! Anyone experienced this before?