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  1. D

    Connection Problem Android / Controller - Need help please

    Hello, I purchased a mavic 2 pro, and it's been two days since I can not fly my drone : Here are the steps I did : -Connect to DJi GO4 -plug my android to the controller -turn on the drone -Go to the application and click on Enter Device -Click on Connect to the aircraft. [First problem : I'm...
  2. C

    Mavic 2 Pro - LED Intermittent Problem

    I just got my Mavic 2 Pro few days ago - What an expensive device! I started noticing some problem when I started my flight today - the LED on one of the legs has a loose connection. I need to keep beating the leg to turn it on. Weird! Anyone experienced this before?
  3. F

    Control-Phone Connection Problem

    Hi All. Im new to the Mavic Air but I had a Phantom 3 Pro for 2 years so Im not new to Dji drones. I move to de Air because the P3P was too big to take it everywhere. Yesterday I receive my new Mavic Air but I have issues with the connection to my LG G6 phone (my main phone). Looks like the...
  4. C

    Mavic Air Left Stick False Input Problem HELP!!

    Mavic air user here need help: I'm using RC mode 2 My mavic air started behaving strangely sometimes, everytime I fly it backwards, it is unable to maintain its altitude and will move downwards and backwards at the same time without any left stick input The same happens when i fly forward, it is...
  5. C

    Mavic Air Controll Loss

    Problem? Maybe Was unit in a crash? Almost What have you tried so far? Google What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)? Samsung What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)? Newest What Go app version are you using? Newest Any modification? NO Did you...
  6. V

    Mavic 2 pro disconnected

    hi everybody, I bought 3 days a go a M2P... firstly i could link my Ac with Rc and dji go4 works well... but its changes.. and now its impossible... Ac and Ec connect well, i can use the drone with rc but the phone dont work in dji app, and appear”disconnected” I try everything, disconect the...
  7. MrMavic

    Mavic Gimbal - Jumping Erratically, Will Not Stabilize

    I was in the mountains yesterday and was going to do some flying, but the camera would not stabilize. Symptoms: Camera slams to the up down limits every 30 seconds or so. On the screen of FPV I kept getting a warning that the gimbal lock was in place, Gimbal Obstructed, but it was not. I tried...
  8. DownandLocked

    Help! Incomplete Link from Mavic to Controller

    Problem? Incomplete link from Mavic to Controller. I get a video image from the camera but unable to control anything else. Can't focus, adjust ISO, control gimbal, switch from camera to video or most other screen inputs. Also, get a magnetic interference warning and can't recalibrate...
  9. T

    Strange sort of flickering

    Hi there, I admit I am a complete Drone newbie, just godt my Mavic Pro a few weeks ago. If you would have a look at the following video, at 8 sec. There is some sort af wobbling on the vertical axis. Would would cause that? The video is filmed i 4k, total default settings, and saved in...
  10. Bluecube

    Mavic wont fly strait and gimbal pan

    About a week ago my Mavic started having problems with both the gimbal and it not flying strait. any time you push the stick forward it sort of veers off to the left a bit and you have to compensate by pushing the sick a small bit right. as for the gimbal anytime the drone is hovering of...
  11. E

    Magnetic interference in a vessel

    Hi all, Rockie pilot here from Barcelona. I'm sailing in a research vessel (full of metal and electronic instrumentation) and willing to take some footage with a Mavic Pro. Most of the vessel locations with enough clearence to take off show magnetic interference warning, but I found a spot...
  12. A

    High frequency jitter and shake in 4k video

    Hi I've been doing some testing with my drone to try and get rid of some soft artefacts in the 4k video. What I'm seeing though now looks like a malfunction. I shot this video today and you can see the issue in play. The gimbal seems to do a horizontal shimmer/jitter periodically. The footage...
  13. bhante

    DJI Crystalsky Ultra monitor screen goes black/fails/dies after 4 minutes!

    DJI Crystalsky Ultra monitor screen goes black after 4 minutes! My Crystalsky Ultra monitor worked 4 minutes... Got hot and Black. Fan did turn on only after the screen died. Battery full and firmware updated. Was in shadow. How do one get these failed units replaced or refunded? Paid...
  14. B

    Mavic Air video freezes

    My brand new DJI Mavic Air has a strange problem with video recording. Here it is: Video just frozen for many seconds, then drone "teleportates". I found this issue for 3 times while 4 hours of flying. Not so much but this thing is very disappointing because I can't manage that something is...
  15. Rune-Norway

    CrystalSky 7,85" Ultra brightness blocking signal

    Hi I use the CrystalSky 7,85" Ultra brightness on my Inspire. I got the Polar Pro Crystalsky Remote Mount so the screen is above like on the Inspire radio. I have tested both with having the screen almost straight up and laying over the radio like on the photo (showing a smaller screen) On...
  16. S

    Mavic Pro gimbal flop

    This started happening to my Mavic Pro about a month ago and seems to be getting worse. When I maneuver the drone quickly I get this gimbal flop. It flops in the direction of the turn (or yaw). I've calibrated the gimbal and it's still doing it. Anybody have any experience with this? I'm within...
  17. R

    Spherical pano quickshot causes loss of all camera control?

    Hi! I'm a commercial drone pilot and have been flying an I1 for about a year and half. I just picked up a Mavic Air a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. But I have a problem with the panoramas. Whenever I try to use the spherical pano quickshot nothing happens and the camera controls go dark...
  18. D

    Second mountain bike between trees with drone and BIG desapointment with my mavic

    Hey guys! So, after the “success” of our first movie: we decided to do another one since we now have better editing skills :) Turns out that the camera on the Mavic pro started to give us big problems, specially with fog lens and jumping camera as you can see in our “new” movie that only got...
  19. S

    Issue with the black zones in ISO 100

    Hi, I have the mavic air just from few days, I am doing my first flies, I had previuosly a Phamtom 3 4K... In my first fly it was all ok, but lately since yesterday the dark zones are so noisy and with grain... I check the ISO it was in manual mode and 100... Today I check in my garden in the...
  20. M

    Orange ´flame´ inside my Mavic Pro... Help..

    Hello.. So recently i started up my drone to update it. i started hearing this clicking noise. i then looked inside the drone and saw a orange light. it almost looks like a wire glowing from heat or something? i did some research, and i came to the conclusion that the clicking noise is normal...