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RC charging smart phone

Hello. With the M2 Pro, is there a way to turn off the controller charging my smart phone (Android)?

XLNT question for topic ...
I've wondered that same query ...
My Android works the same way ...
Whatever the cell gets plugged into, if it is battery powered
the cell instantly starts to charge ...
What I have done to minimize this is to turn on the
aircraft and then the controller ... after they link-up,
I then plug in the smart phone and it will then load
the DJI GO 4 App. So this reduces the time when I'm
not in control of the charging system of the cell ...
If I don't use a smart phone at all, I can still fly w/o
knowing any of the parameters I would normally see ...
As everything is as it was set the last time I flew.
EX: camera settings, alt limits, dist limits, and most all
of the changeable parameters ... I haven't tried this very
often, for obvious reasons, but I'm still becoming familiar
w/ all the cool features of this MA ...
Still lots of rain, wind, and just down right nasty WX
here in NORCAL ... But, just wait, 3 1/2 months from now
we're all going to be saying "I sure wish it would cool off
a little bit ..."
No you can not stop it from charging an Android device. (it is an Android thing, nothing to do we RC).
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