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  1. Prismatic

    Ultra-rugged recharging station for MA

    Most of us use our drones outdoors. I usually fly in the mountains or other parts of the American "outback", where I'm often rattling over washboard roads, plowing through stream crossings, crawling up steep embankments, bouncing along the bottom of a desert wash, or jolting over boulders and...
  2. F

    Advanced charging hub for Mavic 2?

    Hi All, My Mavic 2 Pro arrived today in the UK. The standard charger with Fly More only appears to charge one battery at a time, and not very quickly. For the original Mavic I was using a P4P 100W charger with the advanced hub which was super quick and did 4 at once. Does this no longer exist...
  3. V

    Using the power bank adaptor to charge the drones batteries.

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to charge the drones batteries using the power bank adaptor and a USB to USB cable plugged into a regular AC/DC outlet? Thanks. Val.
  4. C

    Mavic Pro RC recognizes cellphone as a battery T_T

    Dear folks, Please help me to resolve this problem... The RC shows "Charging" once connect RC and my Android cell phone... The DJI Go won't auto-launch anymore.... After I power on the aircraft and RC, and manually turn on Dji Go, it still shows "disconnected" I have been using my Mavic...
  5. C

    Mavic Air Battery Questions

    Hello everyone, Another question from a newbie. I usually fly every day, but with all the rain I haven’t had a chance so it’s been 10 days since my last flight. I charged up the battery to 100 precent after my last use as I always do and today 10 days later I noticed that the battery felt...
  6. T

    Charging the Mavic Pro Controller

    Hey guys, Just a quick question. I always assumed that when the Remote Controller is fully charged, it will show a BAT 100 PCT message and that's when you pull out the charging cable. However, today, I charged the RC and then took a nap, and when I awoke about 1.5 hours later, the RC has no...
  7. M

    Charging issue

    Hi, i recently baught a new mavic pro. First time i charged the batteries there was no issue ( adaptor was able to charge all 3 of my batteries and remote) but when i came back and tried charging the battery and remote, it started charging for a bit then it stopped. Ever since, each time i leave...
  8. M

    How to charge Mavic Pro on the go / off the grid / portable

    Here is a video I created that explains how you can charge your Mavic in the wild without a need for an electrical grid using powerbanks. You can the items you need in the video description. This system will allow you to charge yourMavicc Pro battery up to 7 times, under 50 minutes and it will...
  9. D

    Wrong charging cable

    Hello! I received my Mavic Pro Platinum a few days ago. The USB cable that goes from the charger to the remote doesn’t fit! It has rounded corners. I went to two stores trying to find one that has square corners. What is it called do I can go online to order one? My several emails to...
  10. S

    Battery Issue - wrong voltage?

    Im in Peru right now and when I plug in a battery (I have 3 brand new mavic batteries) - the 1st Led starts flashing And doesn't stop. I'm thinking the voltage is off some how BUT - in the manual I saw nothing about the 1st LED blinking (only combos of the 2-4th that meant errors) AND whe. I...
  11. L

    What does the battery (pro) count as a charge?

    Obviously the battery has a charge counter, my question is what does the battery consider a charge? It is each time it is plugged in, or each time is is discharged and then charged again? The reason I ask is sometimes I need to pack up and move before a battery has fully charged,and then resume...
  12. I

    using CrystalSky to charge Mavic Pro Controller

    If you study the battery capacity (flying time) of the Mavic Pro (21min per battery), the Controller battery life (quotes a 5-6 flights - say 2 hrs max) and the life of the CrystalSky monitor 4-5 hrs plus the ability to easily change batteries in the Mavic Pro and the CrystalSky, then it is...
  13. S

    Firmware Update Killed My R/C Sept 2017

    I just upgraded the R/C Firmware 07th Sept 2017 and now the remote will not charge at all, I have tried 7 different USB cables and none work even though they work to charge other things, battery is now at 10% because it was " On Charge " all night so not even enough power to Factor reset on DJI...
  14. N

    Battery charging volts/wattage

    Hello, I'm wanting to fly my drone while 4WD then charge it with the power point included in my car. It gives 120 volts I think. Would that destroy my battery? Thanks in advance
  15. M

    Flashing green. ...

    Got my Goggles today. After waiting two months. unboxed them and connected them. No power. Plugged the charging cable but it dosent charge. Just flashing green. ive tried Connecting multiple times with no Luck. Any suggestions?
  16. M

    battery % question

    Can anyone tell me if the Mavis battery must be 100% charged before flight? What if toy fly a bit and land but do not turn it off and then take off again, I presume that is ok? However, is it like the Inspire and should only ever be started up at 100%. Also what about recalibrating the batteries...
  17. heo3480

    Multi charger - GIVEAWAY, Review & Charge Test

    Mavic Pro 5in1 Multi Charger Review, Charge test & Giveaway This review is also our celebration that we have passed 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Thank you so much for your support and we want to celebrate this with a giveaway of a brand new Mavic Pro 5in1 multi charger
  18. J

    Batteries Won't Charge

    I have purchased the Fly More combo, but today, I am met with a problem. The past couple weeks with the Mavic have been great, but I can no longer fly due to this problem. I've documented it below. Anyone with suggestions, please reply. I need this drone for a shoot I have coming up. Thanks in...
  19. BrAinZ

    Charging a USA Mavic in UK

    Hi Guys, If I buy a Mavic Pro in the USA, it would obviously come with a mains charger for 110v. My question is, what extra would I need to charge in the UK? Is it JUST the mains lead itself, or would I need a different charger? Buy 100W Power Adaptor AC Cable (UK) | DJI Store Any help...
  20. P

    How to Stop RC Unit from charging Android phone?

    Hi good folks! I have a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact which works very well.... via the lower (full size) USB port. But.... the RC is trying to charge the phone the whole time, and the RC battery only lasts about 2 hours! Please, is there a way to stop it charging the phone? I have tried using the...