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battery charging - two central LEDS lit


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Mar 23, 2021
Birmingham UK
I had decided to take all the batteries out of the 3 battery hub and i anticipation of using them tomorrow I put them back in to boost up (just in case)

One battery lit up just the two central LEDs (of the four) and just flashed together.. I looked at googling this and found it . not exactly the same but indicated a failed firmware update.. but the catch is that updating only happens with a fully charged battery ?.

I put it into the Mini2 and did a battery check and got 4 LEDs lit. I then put the battery back into the hub and it is slowly charging again (four LEDS sequentially lighting up in a line.. confused now?

Anyone else had this.. I have seen battery firmware notices in the FLY app, twice I think... and let it do it's stuff.
@Grazuncle as far as the battery is concerned ,when it comes to a firmware update ,this happens with the battery that is in the drone during the updating process ,but not all firmware updates include the battery some are only the drone and controller ,and if the battery has had an update then you just need to swap the next battery and update that and so on till all three,or however many you have are done,the information is stored in the drone so it needs everything to be connected as in flight to enable the update to take place ,the other alternative is to use your computer and do individual updates to the drone RC and batteries
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Thanks. I didn't know you could do it hooked up to your pc..

I'm still concerned at the hiccup with the LEDs though
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