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  1. M

    Biete Akku Reparatur Hilfe Mavic 2, Mavic Air, Air 2, Mini 1, Mini 2

    Hey, ich biete euch Hilfe für Tiefentladene/ unbalanced Akkus an. Ich werde die Akkus richtig laden und den Chip, der den Akku blockiert (als tot erscheinen lässt) resetten. Schreibt mir einfach eine PN :)
  2. F

    Recycle Location in San Diego

    Does anyone know where to take dead DJI batteries for recycle in San Diego? I went to Edco and they refused to take them as they do not accept rechargeable batteries.
  3. E

    Will OG Mini batteries harm my Mini SE?

    Hello guys, I have recently purchased a DJI Mini SE after my brother crashed my OG Mini 😭. I still have the batteries and was wondering if anyone knows if it will degrade the drone. I am fine if I get less flight time, it would be expected since they are 7.2 Li-ion as opposed to 7.7 LiPo. I was...
  4. Chuckinay

    Slight battery swelling post-flight

    I've started to notice very subtle battery swelling after my M2P flights — a barely perceptible bulge on the battery's bottom, which recedes after the battery cools. Pre-flight, the battery will look completely normal, with a perfectly flat bottom. Post-flight you can see the slight swelling. I...
  5. T

    DJI Fly app not updating battery firmware.

    Hi, After updating firmware successfully for the drone and controller for the first time. I can't update the battery's firmware, after swapping the other batteries. Please help, thanks.
  6. cgmaxed

    April 21, 2021: KULR Introduces High Capacity Lithium Battery Packs for Commercial Drone Market

    APRIL 21 , 2021 From Article: "Despite the tremendous potential that drones hold, their adoption rate is strongly affected by battery...
  7. M

    Mavic mini 2 nine first charge with fixed red led

    Hello everyone,:) I just received my new DJI mavic mini 2 from Amazon. I started to reload it as written on the instructions. Unfortunately, after a short period of charging the device turns on and indicates a solid red LED. The first reloading led flashes. Should I return my drone to Amazon...
  8. hextronics

    Introducing the Hextronics Global

    Hey everyone, I'm Frank from Hextronics, and I'm here to introduce you to our new battery swapping Drone-in-a-Box product, the Hextronics Global! We pride ourselves in developing an innovative product at an affordable cost with the highest quality possible. Hextronics was started by a team of...
  9. 7

    Weird battery

    New Mini 2 battery does not turn on drone unless attached to charging source just prior to use. Makes no difference if the battery is stored in the drone or outside. Once the drone is then turned on everything is normal. Updated to latest firmware with the new battery in the drone but that...
  10. Grazuncle

    battery charging - two central LEDS lit

    I had decided to take all the batteries out of the 3 battery hub and i anticipation of using them tomorrow I put them back in to boost up (just in case) One battery lit up just the two central LEDs (of the four) and just flashed together.. I looked at googling this and found it . not exactly...
  11. P

    Batteries, swelling- Should we keep them outside the charger?

    I have started using my Mini 2 recently. I have read in another forum that you have to keep your batteries out of the hub(battery charger), when you are not using it, otherwise they will swell and won't work. Is that right? Or can I safely keep my batteries in the hub between flights? I fly...
  12. remotepilot

    *NO LONGER AVAILABLE* 5 Batteries + Charger + 6 Filters + 8 Props - (low hours of flight time)

    $850 +16.00 shipping = $866 (reasonable offers accepted) Mavic Pro Drone (UAV uSAS) Remote Controller 5 Intelligent Flight Batteries PolarPro Cinema Series Filters 4 Pair additional Propellors Charging hub for 4 Batteries & original charger Charging cord Complete set of propellor guards (not...
  13. aaron321

    Discharged battery that won't wake up - Is it wasted?

    Hello all, first post here. I have a battery that has apparently fully discharged before I got the chance to get it back up to 25% or so, and after doing some research, it's apparent to me that if the battery won't wake up after you try to wake it up, it's a loss. I'm aware of the fact that...
  14. S

    New DJI battery wont start?

    So , Bought my Mavic 2 pro just over a week ago. Its started for my 4 flights just fine and was amazing, however leaving it fully charged (not plugged in) assembled and put away in the case for one day , ive now tried to turn it on and nothing even lights up or anything , i plug it into the pc...
  15. 51 Drones

    This little drone is a beast! Handles the frigid temps like a champ!

    This is the coldest temps I have ever flown a drone. The Mini 2 continues to impress me!
  16. M

    lowest safe battery voltage?

    Hi All, Getting some pretty cold weather here and just wondering what the safe zone is in terms of battery voltage? I turned on the option to display that for the last few times I've taken it up. And if i remember correctly, it fluctuated between 4.1 at the start to around 3.7 or 3.5 when i...
  17. F

    Mini 2 flying time extended?

    Hi I will buy Mini 2 soon but those 28-30 minutes of flying time and changing battery is not so cool because I will be recording soccer games. Can the flying time be extended if your Mini 2 is located in 1 place only lets say 10 meters from the ground not going anywhere? It should but did...
  18. cachi1915

    Reviving a Mavic Pro 1 battery with a dead cell

    Hi, I know that probably this is not the best initiative, but I’ve convinced myself that I will recover my died MP1 battery. I’m describing the process here: About reviving a Mavic Pro battery I’ve disassembled it and I’ve tested each cell voltage separately. One is bellow 2v, so now I’m the...
  19. J

    Mavic Air | Critically Low Voltage Warning | Max Motor Speed Reached

    Hello, Had a scary flight yesterday afternoon. My Mavic Air took off, hovered for around 1 minute, and then gave me an error about battery being too low and max motor speed reached. It took a little bit harder of a landing than I wanted it to however just looks to be cosmetic scratches on the...
  20. P

    Battery got suddenly flat!! Mavic air 2

    Battery fully charged showing on display 100% , after some time flying battery was 64% and suddenly got from 64% to 12%!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️!! I was fly over the ocean and didn’t had time to fly it back because I had a critically low battery and drone was not responding to my command! Fly data do not...