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  1. SkyPod

    Mavic 3 Battery Cycle Count

    Mavic 3 Pro- I have a few batteries with 160+ cycles and I'm seeing about a 7-10% (2-3 min) reduction in flight time. The battery cells are stable and equal which is good. What are you all seeing? Anyone with over 200 cycles and how are our batteries holding up (flight time?). I remember the...
  2. T

    DJI Battery Power Transfer Device

    The DJI Air 3 battery charging hub makes it possible to transfer the remaining power of 2 batteries to the third battery with the most remaining power, enabling you to fly even longer when in the field. With this device it's possible to do the same with batteries from other drones like the...
  3. Dr_Zoidberg

    Mavic 3 plastic smell

    Hi, I noticed that my drone has a sort of hot plastic smell after flying (slight to moderate if sniffed up close). It seems more like smell from battery heating, than the drone itself. The battery has 93 charging cycles. I wonder if this is normal? Anyone with similar experience? I don't notice...
  4. Dr_Zoidberg

    Mavic 3 battery temperature

    Hi, My Mavic 3's battery heats up above 50 degrees Celsius after about 20 minutes of flight. According to the product manual, the upper operating temperature of the battery is 40°C. So I'm guessing that exceeding the upper limit by more than 10 degrees could be dangerous or at least cause...
  5. N

    Mavic 2 Zoom battery problems

    I put my M2Z battery on the charger yesterday to bring the cycle count to 5. The charger immediately got fried when I plugged it in. Following that strange event, I realized the battery would not turn off by any means. The lights on the battery would register with the button press, but strangely...
  6. I

    SOLD FS: NEW sealed DJI Air 2s Fly More Combo Drone DJI Refresh Eligible

    SOLD NEW Sealed in box DJI Air 2s Fly More Combo Drone DJI Refresh Eligible. Includes Battery Charging Hub, ND Filters Set, Shoulder Bag, two extra batteries, and more for extended flight time and enhanced content creation. ** 2 extra battery is $230 retail price if bought separately. Extra...
  7. I

    Experience and advise using amazon USB C battery charger

    The Air 2s has been absolutely amazing with the only gripe being that you can't charge batteries in the go and you need the propriety charger To solve this got the following charger from Amazon that allows charging via USB C which solves both issues...
  8. Kelpfish

    Green light on charging base

    Hi All, Quick question. I have two Mavic 2 Pro chargers (wall units). I have five batteries. All five only charge to 56%. I am not at my primary home rather in my rental across the US. I was wondering 1. On the charger base itself there is a green LED that fades in and out while the...
  9. akdrone

    -27F Battery test

    We finally got a bit of a chill and it's -27F today so I thought I'd do a quick test. My Avata was the only drone with full batteries but you can generalize this a bit. I'll do a few more battery tests with the Mav 3 and Mini3 Pro at some point too. In any case.... I started out with 95% battery...
  10. Spartan Drones

    Want to buy Mavic 2 Pro Batteries

    I am looking to buy a couple of Mavic 2Pro Batteries, 3850mAh.
  11. Yaros

    Keep track of charge cycles of drone batteries with an app

    This might seem ridiculous to some extent, but I have created an app to keep track of my battery cycles of my Mavic Air 2. I have my 3 batteries labeled with a number (from 1 to 3), and every time I charge one of the batteries completely, I increment the counter in the app, very simple. And...
  12. Yaros

    Voltage sag at beginning of flight - what happened?

    Today I checked the logs from yesterday's flight, and found that the voltage was very low at the beginning of the flight. At around 1 minute in the flight, the voltage went down to 3.4V, but then in 30 seconds it went up and stayed normal for the rest of the flight. Here is the log on Airdata...
  13. jephoto

    Safe Maximum battery temperatures Mavic 3

    Hi gang. While trying to get used to the controls and learning where everything is on the RC pro and the Mavic 3 I had the bird sitting on my counter turned on while I was learning everything. At one point I noticed that the battery temp was about 40°C. That seemed pretty high to me so I shut...
  14. A

    Anyone know what makes Mavic air so pathetic at flight times???

    So recently I’ve been thinking and I cannot for the life of me figure out why the Mavic Air is so inefficient with regards to battery consumption. I see that there is a new drone that almost looks like a carbon copy which is made by XO and it’s called the Black Hawk two and this seems to have a...
  15. Cotyoran52

    Is there any modified battery option for Mini 2 currently ?

    Hi friends, Do you know is there any released more powerful modified battery option for Mini 2 ? Official or not, doesn't matter. I want at least 35 min flight time with this drone, just beacuse flying with it just fun for me..
  16. D

    Error 30064 - Unable to take off- MA2

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for help across the whole internet, DJI support, technicians and every living person at this point. I crashed my Mavic air 2 in august. The left rear arm broke, ordered a replacement and replace it when it arrived. After that an error came to life. Error 30064...
  17. L

    Merging 2 charging hub power adapters into 1 with a Y configuration output

    Can somehow I merge 2 power adapters of the DJI Battery Charging Hub for Mavic 2 Pro into 1 with two outputs so it would charge 2 x 4 batteries? How many wires run inside the jacket, only 2 and it simply provides power or it is some kind of smart wire configuration that can not tolerate...

    Battery Temp

    I use Airdata... really great info. Flew the other night. It was 85 degrees outside and I had a max battery temp(inflight) of 120 degrees. Is that normal? Thanks aon advance!- JG
  19. J

    Plastic piece chipped off battery DJI Mini 3 pro

    This looks harmless, just the plastic that goes above it covering a part of it came off, battery makes perfect contact for charging and flying, the pins look perfect nothing blended or anything, contacted DJI but they want me to send the WHOLE set up back for “Analysis” that will probably take...
  20. Daybreak98

    All updates completed for Mini 3 Pro

    Finally installed all updates available. DJI RC controller updated. Flying database updated. DJI Mini 3 Pro updated DJI intelligent flight battery updated 2 x DJI intelligent flight battery plus updated Updated inside with a fan directed at Mini 3 to keep things cool while updating each...