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  1. M

    Mavic batteries to charger, always?

    Hi, Do you keep your batteries always connected to the charger? It is recommend, or not necessary? I mean for the battery health.
  2. S

    Hello from Lisbon (Anybody have a Mavic 2 Battery charger I can borrow??)

    Hey everyone, I know this might be a long shot but anybody around have a Mavic 2 Battery charger I can borrow and charge up in Lisbon? I'm here for another day and I left my charger in Porto in the hotel like an idiot and running low on juice. For some reason all of the DJI stores in Portugal...
  3. Prismatic

    Ultra-rugged recharging station for MA

    Most of us use our drones outdoors. I usually fly in the mountains or other parts of the American "outback", where I'm often rattling over washboard roads, plowing through stream crossings, crawling up steep embankments, bouncing along the bottom of a desert wash, or jolting over boulders and...
  4. PhillyGuy

    Question - Mavic Pro in colder temps. How does it handle?

    Sadly I haven't flown in a while, 4 weeks to be exact. The weather here has not been all that great, plus by the time I get home from work, the sun has set - or just about to set. Anyway, now that "fall temps" finally hit here like a swift kick in the head - 85 on Thurs...to 50s on Friday...but...
  5. N

    DJI Mavic Pro Battery signal error after firmware update

    Hi, I have just recently updated the firmware on my Mavic pro, it was flying perfect on both batteries a few hours before the update and now it wont accept either battery and wont take off due to the error. Everything else seems to be working fine apart from this. All batteries are genuine DJI...
  6. C

    Battery Price went to $139?

    So I have been waiting patiently for my DJI credit to come through so I could buy my extra battery and save the measley $13 off the $119 price and literally on the day I hit my 15 days they raise the price to $139. I’m so ticked it makes me want to return my drone but of course I can’t as I...
  7. jmark

    M2P batteries

    Just curious! I've read the instructions about the intelligent flight batteries so I know what it says there. Just wondering if I leave my batteries fully charged for a few days if this will lessen their life£ Like if I charge them, but something pops up and I can't fly that day. Would it be...
  8. R

    Battery Difficult to Remove

    Hello, I just received my new Mavic Pro Platinum. I have trouble removing the battery, I have to apply a lot of effort to remove it! Is this normal? I bought a second new battery and I have the same problem. Thanks for your help. Regards,
  9. B

    SOLD - Europe: Mavic Air Accessories

    Mavic Air Battery, 4 charges MC Cases Smart Edition (new) - SOLD Polar Pro Cinema Series Shutter Edition ND Filters (new) 4 Original DJI Propellers (unused) Open to Offers Can meet in Dublin, or ship anywhere in Europe for cost Pictures at All Sections For Sale in Ireland - DoneDeal.ie
  10. doubleplay86

    FS: Mavic Pro Accessories (Filters, Props etc.) $50 or BEST OFFER

    My Mavic Pro Platinum was stolen but my accessories case wasn't so I'm selling off the accessories I've got left which are all in like new or new condition. SOLD - LN Mavic Pro Remote - SOLD SOLD - LN Mavic Pro Battery and Remote Charger, also have multi-battery at once charger - SOLD SOLD -...
  11. Thwyllo

    On-board battery fire

    Well lookie here .. a battery fire on board an aircraft involving the very thing I mentioned in a previous thread - a power bank being used to charge a mobile phone. WATCH: Ryanair passengers FLEE plane after mobile phone battery 'explodes'
  12. S

    Mavic air charging

    Hi, can I charge the battery in a 230 volt outlet with voltage imbelance without something breaks?
  13. C

    SOLD: FS: 3 (almost new) Mavic Pro Batteries with boxes

    ALL SOLD! I've got 3 almost new batteries in fantastic condition, ready to be used. Everything obo, and shipped to cont. US (priority shipping) Also, I don't care if your moms new bf has the hookup with batteries etc, if you're not buying, please continue elsewhere. I don't need or want your...
  14. zachschul22

    PSA: Good deal on a multi-battery charger

    All, Just wanted to let everyone know of a good deal on a 4 battery Mavic Pro charger I got from Amazon through a deal website. Only downside is that you need an account from the deals website below. Heres the link: Code for 50% off the Amazon Price: Upgraded 6 In 1 Rapid Intelligent Multi...
  15. C

    Mavic Pro RC recognizes cellphone as a battery T_T

    Dear folks, Please help me to resolve this problem... The RC shows "Charging" once connect RC and my Android cell phone... The DJI Go won't auto-launch anymore.... After I power on the aircraft and RC, and manually turn on Dji Go, it still shows "disconnected" I have been using my Mavic...
  16. C

    Mavic Air Battery Questions

    Hello everyone, Another question from a newbie. I usually fly every day, but with all the rain I haven’t had a chance so it’s been 10 days since my last flight. I charged up the battery to 100 precent after my last use as I always do and today 10 days later I noticed that the battery felt...
  17. A

    Mavic Air Battery Dies After a Month of Use

    Hello, this is the second time a battery of my mavic air dies... first time I was able to exchange it at Best Buy, this time it won't be possible, battery just does not charge, will need to contact DJI for a replacement, anyways... does anyone knows what it could be happening? thanks a lot.
  18. G

    Low voltage warning... Twice with separate batteries..??

    Fairly new MP owner. Purchased just over a month ago First few missions went smoothly. No issues. I bought a second battery independently to extend overall mission time. Last couple I've been experiencing low voltage issues (I can't remember if the word "critical" was used, but it was a red...
  19. L

    Mavic Pro fell off like a dead weight while landing

    Hi Fellow Pilots, I have had my mavic pro for a couple of months now and this is the first time it happened and it has made me anxious, so anxious that I am scared to fly now lest it decides to drop out again. This is what happened. I started flying my Mavic Pro on a full battery to check out...
  20. K

    What do you guys do to keep your batteries in good shape

    Hello, I have seen a lot of clips on youtube about how important it is to keep your batteries healthy, but what tips do you guys have. Do you drive your drone down to 15-25% battery then come home and charge it back up right away to around 40% in order to store it better? I always used to...