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  1. L

    Merging 2 charging hub power adapters into 1 with a Y configuration output

    Can somehow I merge 2 power adapters of the DJI Battery Charging Hub for Mavic 2 Pro into 1 with two outputs so it would charge 2 x 4 batteries? How many wires run inside the jacket, only 2 and it simply provides power or it is some kind of smart wire configuration that can not tolerate...

    Battery Temp

    I use Airdata... really great info. Flew the other night. It was 85 degrees outside and I had a max battery temp(inflight) of 120 degrees. Is that normal? Thanks aon advance!- JG
  3. J

    Plastic piece chipped off battery DJI Mini 3 pro

    This looks harmless, just the plastic that goes above it covering a part of it came off, battery makes perfect contact for charging and flying, the pins look perfect nothing blended or anything, contacted DJI but they want me to send the WHOLE set up back for “Analysis” that will probably take...
  4. Daybreak98

    All updates completed for Mini 3 Pro

    Finally installed all updates available. DJI RC controller updated. Flying database updated. DJI Mini 3 Pro updated DJI intelligent flight battery updated 2 x DJI intelligent flight battery plus updated Updated inside with a fan directed at Mini 3 to keep things cool while updating each...
  5. Yaros

    Charging Hub Red Light when plugging in battery

    Yesterday this happened to me: I plugged in 2 batteries for charging, I come back later to check, one of them is completely charged, but the status LED on the Charging Hub is a dark Red color, and the other battery is not charging. I unplugged both batteries, restarted the charger, plugged the...
  6. M

    Battery pin problem mavic air

    I was flying my mavic air and battey was low do i landed and got home to recharge but it didnt start charging when i looked it was like this how can i fix it?
  7. L

    Mini 3 Pro USB / Power bank charging?

    I'm curious if the new Mini 3 Pro 2453mAh and the "Intelligent Flight Battery Plus" still can be charged with a USB powerbank? Charge on the go is big deal for me, traveling etc. When battery is depleted, I can use my SLR camera to take photos while charging the DJI battery. 2453mAh = 34...
  8. C

    Battery won't turn off or charge

    Help! I just bought a Mavic 2 Pro Zoom last year and an extended fly package. One of my batteries is solid green on half the circle. I press the button (short then long press) to turn if off and it won't go off. I can't even feel the button responding to pressure. I powers the drone. It won't...
  9. L

    How many times can i charge and discharge my mavic 3 batteries (battery cycles)?

    I skimmed through the safety guidelines and user manual but I havent been able to find a real-life number let alone an official number.
  10. Eagle Eye 62

    Air2s Accessories

    I have 5 Like new Air2/Air2S batteries for sale. They have all been used only a couple of times. I also have 2 Controllers, Chargers and some extra props. (yes, I lost two birds). Let me know if you are interested.
  11. Yaros

    How many charge cycles did YOUR batteries last?

    I own the Mavic Air 2 for almost 8 months now and I'm happy with the flight time and features. All of my 3 batteries have around 100 cycles on each. I normally fly the battery down to 15 - 25% I didn't notice any change in performance from when I got the drone, it flies very well, close to the...
  12. Yaros

    Can you charge Mavic Air 2 using powerbank? Found this online and I'm confused

    I have been flying my Mavic Air 2 for about 7 months now, and I'm satisfied. One feature I'm missing is the ability to charge using USB. As far as I know that's not possible, but this website says otherwise. It says that you can charge a battery using the powerbank adapter that's included with...
  13. F

    Mini 2 battery not charging

    Hi everyone, I have 6 x Mini 2 batteries that I cycle through regularly and recharge using the combo hub/charger after usage. The batteries have all been working well since I bought them right when the Mini 2 was released. But yesterday, one of the batteries started acting wonky when I tried...
  14. S

    Mavic 3 battery Philippines

    I just bought a Mavic 3 battery from Shoppee in the Philippines. We ordered it yesterday, and it came today. It, and it's packaging, look identical to my original battery. I haven't flown it yet. It was P12,500. They say they're out if stock now. I think they only had one in stock when I...
  15. Yaros

    Major Battery Cell Voltage Derivations - is this something to worry about?

    Hello, today after checking airdata I found that I had 10 major cell derivations, but all of them one second after another, this was also my first flight with litchi app, probably not related but I thought I will mention it. Should I worry about it?? Here is the screenshot of airdata:
  16. Patman Droneography

    3 Elf On the... Drone?!

    Took an elf on the shelf for a joyride on the Mavic 2 Pro around Battle Creek, Michigan and Recorded it with the Mavic 3. While Making this video I now remember why I upgraded to the Mavic 3... I still had more than 50% battery remaining on the M3 when The Mavic 2 Pro had to come down for low...
  17. P

    Skips RTH and emergency lands

    Hello all. Twice in the past five or six flights my 2s went into "emergency landing" mode without any low battery warning or even going into RTH. When these happened I immediately looked at the battery indicator and it was in the red. I've never flown my batteries into the red. How it jumped...
  18. Yaros

    How does the battery discharge timer work for Mavic Air 2 LiPos?

    Hello, I have charged my ma2 batteries this Sunday the 28th of November but never flew. Then yesterday I updated the firmware for all of them and re-charged them again (from 92% to 100%). Tomorrow I'm planning a flight, but I don't want to end up in a situation where I go far away from home and...
  19. Yaros

    Minor cell voltage derivations on a relatively new battery. Normal or not?

    Hello, I have been flying my mavic air 2 for 4 months now, and just started using Airdata, when I looked at the battery cells tab I found this: No major derivations have been found, but anyway, is this normal for a 4 month old battery?
  20. Yaros

    How many times / batteries do you fly a week?

    Hey! I was just wondering how many times you fly a week! I normally fly between 10 and 20 times a week! What about you?