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  1. K

    Japanese Version + Battery Compatibility

    Any one can tell... 1. Is "Model MT1SD25: 2.400-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz" = Japanese version, and "Model MR1SS5: 5.725-5.850 GHz" = International version? 2. whether the 2600 mAh battery is compatible also for the Mavic Mini Japanese version?
  2. bfindlay

    Battery cycle count for Mavic Mini

    I own a P3S and am looking at purchasing a Mavic Mini. I am creating a maintenance schedule based on suggestions I've read online. Things like replacing the props every 200 flights, deep cycling the battery every 20 charges. I am wondering, how many cycles can you get out of a mavic mini...
  3. D

    Help find lost Mavic Pro - Flight Log missing final moments

    Hi crew, Looking for some help on how to find my missing DJI Mavic Pro drone. I was out filming at a wedding venue on Saturday, 10th December with my DJI Mavic Pro at a vineyard when my phone lost visual feed with the drone whilst in the air. During these moments the battery quickly depleted...
  4. milovan

    Can the controller’s battery last 3 Mavic Mini batteries?

    or even 4? thanks!
  5. J

    SOLD - Mavic Air Battery $50 Shipped OBO

    Bought this from a forum member here as I thought I was keeping the Air but I returned the drone and got a M2Z instead. Works great only 5 cycles. Asking $50 shipped to US. Thanks!
  6. Ajotapl

    Cell Deviations | Mavic Air

    Hey Guys, I was reading a bit about the cell Deviation in the battery, so far what I understood is that it means the battery has some malfunction. Since it's a new Mavic Air (1 week old) it seems impossible that I've received a broken battery, however I'd appreciate if anyone with more...
  7. theDRONEranger

    DJI Response to Battery Storage Enquiry

    Thank you for contacting DJI Technical Support. We appreciate you writing in to let us know of your inquiry about the recommended method for long term storage of the Mavic Air and Spark aircraft batteries. Allow me to assist you and address this inquiry for you. For your inquiry, kindly refer...
  8. DJ Wes

    Batteries: What constitutes a charge?

    We all know that the DJI Go (4) app shows how many times a battery has been charged. The implication being that the number of charges is related to the remaining battery life. With older DJI products (P3, P4, Inspire), a “press and hold” of the battery power button for 5 seconds would result...
  9. B

    One of the Mavic batteries not sitting flush (swollen?)

    Hey Guys, a proud owner of a Mavic 2 Zoom here. I’ve had the drone for about 10 months now. I got a fly more combo so three batteries and then I got two spares cause you can never have too many right? ;) Anyway, I just noticed one of my batteries is not sitting completely flush with the upper...
  10. Atlas94

    Battery Gauge not working while running Litchi on SC

    Hey All, I know I have seen a thread on this, but I have been searching for two days and cannot seem to locate it via the search feature. I am using Litchi on SC with my Mavic 2 pro and everything seems to be working correctly with manual flight, waypoint missions, etc. However, my battery...
  11. MrYKBQdV

    DJI Mavic 2 Zoom - RC Remote Factory Defect, very loud fan noise

    Hi everyone. I have just received a brand new DJI Mavic 2 Zoom bought from the official euro DJI Store. I haven't activated and/or flown the drone yet. As a I was preparing for the first flight I turned on the Remote controller RC and left it on, without even connecting the RC to the drone...
  12. GeraldV

    Battery Care - OK to keep on charger?

    Hi, I have a question regarding battery care which I would like to have some inputs on. Being a Dad of three with limited time to go and fly I often plan to get some flight time so charge up the batteries only to find the trip cancelled due to family, weather, etc. This then results in the...
  13. T

    Battery is stuck in my mavic air

  14. H

    Battery not charging

    Hi. New to this forum (on the Phantom forum) as I just brought a refurbished Mavic. I have a Phantom 4 Pro + so have some experience with flight, batteries etc. I have searched for the answer to this but can't quite find what I'm looking for. I charged the RC, Mavic and two of the batteries...
  15. K

    Battery Connector problem

    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie toward drone and this forum. (I apologize if I post in a wrong place) I recently purchased a LiPO 7.4 V 2000mAh battery but I have a problem on connecting the battery to the balance charging board. Problems: (1)Can anyone tell me what kind of plug is this on the...
  16. H

    SOLD Mavic 2 Fly More Battery Kit - New SOLD

    I bought this kit in September from B & H Photo. This was in anticipation of 0getting the Mavic 2 from them when it became available. Circumstances have changed and I am not getting the Mavic 2. So, I have this Fly More package that is still unopened and that I won’t be using. I feel quite...
  17. B

    DJI Mavic Air battery at 0% for 8/9 days

    Hi all, As the title reads, this is a real simple question. Recently (last Sunday - 6th Jan) I had a fly across Europe and had to completely discharge and drain all three of my Mavic Air batteries to 0%, as per the manual protocol. This being an evening flight, I stored all my packing away...
  18. M

    Mavic batteries to charger, always?

    Hi, Do you keep your batteries always connected to the charger? It is recommend, or not necessary? I mean for the battery health.
  19. S

    Hello from Lisbon (Anybody have a Mavic 2 Battery charger I can borrow??)

    Hey everyone, I know this might be a long shot but anybody around have a Mavic 2 Battery charger I can borrow and charge up in Lisbon? I'm here for another day and I left my charger in Porto in the hotel like an idiot and running low on juice. For some reason all of the DJI stores in Portugal...
  20. Prismatic

    Ultra-rugged recharging station for MA

    Most of us use our drones outdoors. I usually fly in the mountains or other parts of the American "outback", where I'm often rattling over washboard roads, plowing through stream crossings, crawling up steep embankments, bouncing along the bottom of a desert wash, or jolting over boulders and...