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  1. T

    PowerDirector on Android

    I use cyberlink powerdirector 365 on my pc. it's expensive and way more sophisticated than i need, but its the best I've found for my needs. i just discovered powerdirector has an android app, and it is actually much better for me. I edited and spliced eight videos into one with transitions (on...
  2. B

    M2P: power backup for controller?

    I know many people have extra batteries, but what do you when your M2 Pro controller runs out of power? Is there any way to power controller out in the field? Do some people have more than one controller? I realize that the controller lasts longer than a single drone battery, but they don't...
  3. N

    Unable to post videos recorded from mavic on whatsapp gb

    Hello. I used mavic to video my projects. I also download gb whatsapp to post videos. I want to share the videos I have recorded on gb whatsapp. But those videos when posting errors. While videos of other devices are still posted normally. Can that AI explain it to me?
  4. I

    What is a good Drone Phone running Android 11? (MavicMini)

    Hi, I'm clumsy and arguably an idiot, so I don't like fumbling with a $1300 phone when I want to fly my skycamera. Trying to chase down the supported devices on the DJI Fly play store uri is a mess when I also need to remember that I've subscribed to DroneLink and I've had a lot of fun learning...
  5. Skyphotos

    Beeping double beep

    Hi everyone, I have a mavic 2 pro and I have flown it regularly for more than 30 hours. I have had no issues other than my own operational learning curve. I've been flying with an iphone 8+, and now I've upgraded to an android phone. it's the Samsung s20ultra. however I am experiencing a...
  6. E

    Multiple Android phones not working w/ Mavic pro

    So I have a Mavic Pro that I've been using since day 1with an IPad mini 1st or 2nd Gen I believe. Either way the IPad is having multiple issues that make it unreliable to work with my Mavic. I was thinking of using one of my Android phones to use with the Mavic Pro. The primary is a Huawei...
  7. J

    Which android tablet for mavic 2 zoom

    Hi, i need expert help I have the mavic 2 zoom. I want to use a android tablet. I have the samsung galaxy tab S3. Will it work with the Dji go4 app.. please advise What other android tablets can you recommend? Thanks
  8. T

    Mavic 2 remote no longer working with Android tablet

    I was using the 8 inch ASUS Zenpad tablet (old Android 5.0) with my OG Mavic Pro without a problem. However, when I tried it with the Mavic 2 RC (current DJI GO 4 from the PlayStore installed on the tablet), it just wouldn't detect the RC connection. I always use the big USB-A port on the...
  9. DJI Ferrari

    Android or Apple?

    So I am making a list on stuff to get on Feb 1st for my new Mavic Pro and one of the things I wanna get is a full HD tablet but need to ask. What do you pilots recommend? Ipad 10" or Android 10", and to be honest I don't even know if android makes a full HD Android. My spending limit for the...
  10. stevietee10

    Screen recording on Android devices

    Hi I'd like to hear other pilots experiences of screen recording apps for Android devices. Are there any that are really good and don't hog resources? Are there some to avoid all costs !! ? Any feedback and advice greatly appreciated Cheers Steve :)
  11. G

    Android 9 Pie

    Probably more useful in here as its Go4 related... Android 9 Pie got sneakily released last night. Ive just done some test flights on my Pixel 2 XL and all seems to work perfectly. No issues detected.
  12. S

    Android 9 Pie with DJI Go

    Hey, so after reading some reviews from the play store regarding the DJI Go app having issues with the beta version of Android 9, has anyone tried the full release yet? (It was only released yesterday mind) But if anyone has any recommendations or is willing to try it please let me know, as I...
  13. A

    Are all android devices 'off' by 90-180 degrees?

    We have tried a (new) Samsung Tablet A, a Samsung Note 5 and a Google Pixel 2 - all are 'off' consistently by 90-180 degrees in the radar dial in the lower-left corner making the units unusable as (visual) controllers - all other indicators/controls are normal. Likewise, we have the same...
  14. Jesse_M

    Another maps problem thread

    Hey guys/gals! First off just want to say hi to the community. I am new here but a long time pilot since the days of my P1 with a gopro...I came over from Phantom Pilots. I hate to start a new thread on this but after hours of searching I am coming up empty handed so maybe my problem is unique...
  15. S

    Samsung S6 Edge Versus Samsung S6 Edge Plus

    Hi all, A pleasure having just joined! Just got my DJI Mavic Air and can't wait to put it to action. Wanted to ask which if and which one works better with the DJI Mavic Air....Samsung S6 Edge or S6 Edge+ ? Apps....DJI Go or DJI Go 4? Thanks in advance. O
  16. T

    Mavic Pro Tablet

    Hi Guys, I am just about to purchase a Mavic Pro and have been looking into a tablet to go with it. My Specifications for the tablet are as follows: 1.6 Ghz Processor 2 GB Ram HDMI Output I have seen everyone recommend the Nvidia Shield K1, however, as it is discontinued I cannot find...
  17. G

    Brighter display - Android phone or DJI Goggles?

    I'm hanging out for a Mavic Pro 2. I'm going on an extended RV trip on 6 August and hope it will be available by then. If not, I will have to settle for a MP Platinum or a Mavic Air. I previously had a P3 Advanced until it was stolen from the back seat of my car. With that drone, I used an iPad...
  18. D

    flight display

    IAfter struggling through some 130 flights and a couple of very close calls, I finally got myself a decent device for the DJI GO 4 app. When I bought the Mavic Pro I made a false economy by purchasing a "BLU" mobile phone for the flight display and app. It proved to be completely unsuitable...
  19. Joymaker

    Samsung Tab E + Mavic Pro bug?

    I just bought a Mavic Pro, and a samsung Galaxy Tab E to fly it with. I'm so tired of small phone screens! I plugged a cable from the tablet into the USB A port on the controller, and immediately an alert box began to flash on the tablet: "Do you want to always open the app DJI Go 4 when this...
  20. gjmphoto

    Mirroring the Moverios

    Hey folks...I'm sure this has been covered before, but I haven't found just point me if I missed it: There are a few threads on the forum regarding mirroring of Android screens to allow a second person to watch while you fly, which would be particularly interesting with the Moverio -...