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  1. V

    DJI GO 4 and Android 8

    Couple of days ago I have updated my Nexus 6p (Android 7.2.1 to Android 8 Beta). DJI GO 4 starts correctly but suddenly screen orientation works only in vertical mode :( Don't update your Nexus devices to Android 8 until the stable version. P.S. Litchi App works correctly.
  2. cyrocasabona

    Android user x IOS app

    I am new user of MP and I am using DJI go for Android. Unfortunately it freezes all the time and loses contact with the drone. Is IOS more stable? Is it worth investing in buying a mini ipad or Iphone to use with my MP?
  3. Qoncussion

    Android 7.1.2... Anyone? Anyone?

    Android 7.1.2 was just pushed onto my Nexus 6P. It's raining here in Northern California, so I'm wondering if anyone has tried it on a device that has had DJI GO 4 lockups and disconnect problems...?
  4. Qoncussion

    What's the most stable flight app for Android?

    This has been discussed to death here in various forms, but straight up - what is the most stable flight app for Android 7.1.1 (nougat)? DJI GO 4, and previous versions of the GO app, have a steady track record of crashing on Nexus 6P phones (among many other Android devices). If I can just...
  5. B

    DJI GO4 Minimum Requirements

    Hi All, MY Ipad 4 wont allow me to get Go4, and DJI just removed mavic support for the go app. So i am looking at getting a new tablet.. hopefully a fairly cheap one.. My older iPad ran the go app perfectly, with no issues at all on over 90+ flights. Does anyone know the minimum specs required...
  6. Bintryin

    Finally got game and Updated My S7 To Nougat

    Hi all I couldn't stand it any longer I had to Update my Samsung S7 to the new Nougat v7 . Well I like it!! no problems at all, love the look no battery drain here . also no DJI go4 App crash. did 2 flights not one problem so far . I don't have any virus software running in the background also...
  7. M

    DJI GO 4 Causing Loss of Internet

    Hi all, First 24 hours with the Mavic and I've had more problems with the app than I know what to do with. The main issue that's bothering me isn't the app stopping it is that the app appears to cause my wifi to stop working. I am using a Verizon Note 4 and when I install the app my wifi works...
  8. flyNfrank

    DJI GO4 App Update 4.0.5 [android]

    What's New Mavic: -Increase max flight speed to 15m/s in ActiveTrack -Added precise record function of takeoff point -Added support for simultaneous control or aircraft by Primary and Secondary remote controllers Editor: -Added Free Eye feature, which enables image slideshow -Added support for...
  9. X

    Android app just started to randomly close after update..

    I have flew my drone many times now fine never had an issue. I first used GO regular for a while until it told me its not supported and to use go 4 so i used go 4 and had no issues till Sunday when I updated the app to latest version. Now I will be flying and I look at my phone (s7 regular) and...
  10. daithi23

    Still no Art in Android!

    Finally DJI released an android update after the one that took Art mode away but unlike the ios update Art has not been reinstated! I'm getting really sick of DJI, I've have a bunch of useless footage because of the watercolour issue, had it in for repair (gimbal issue) for a month and would...
  11. C

    Mavic worth flying with DJI's app reviews?

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting myself a DJI Mavic Pro. But I'm hesitant because people on the Google Playstore (posting reviews) are complaining about constant app crashes in mid-flight, threatening lawsuits, etc. It appears that DJI is good at hardware but not software. Is it worth buying if...
  12. H

    Problem with Greenscreen on Android DJI go 4 app

    Hi everyone, I just got my Mavic a week ago and I'm very pleased so far. However, I can't use any of my two android phones connected to the remote without getting a green distorted video feed :( One of the phones HTC 530 and the Other one is a PPTV King 7.. Here's a video illustrating the...
  13. MattH

    Concerned about android phone battery life

    I am mostly sold on the idea of getting a mavic, but before I do, I'd like to hear from some of you who use android phones for display. I've been flying multirotors for a couple years, but they've all been homemade models. I don't really have time to source, build, troubleshoot, repair like I...
  14. Mako79

    DJI GO 4.xx - IOS are spoilt.

    Just tested the GO 4 app with a mini ipad 2 and has saddened me that android's latest GO app is NOT on par with IOS.. BOOOOOO!!!! Android (even though the dedicated P4Pro+ crystalsky screen is android) are robbed of a few functions on the latest GO 4 app. The missing functions as far as I know...
  15. R

    POI Flight Error with Firmware v01.03.0

    I am experiencing an issue with POI flight with the DJI Go 4.0 latest firmware on Android. After setting up the parameters on the center point and radius to start, the app will lose connection and then crash. I tried twice and crashed twice. Has anybody experienced this too?
  16. Chip D

    Android use and NOT Iphone

    Is it just my imagination, or does every single person that has the Mavic Pro also have an Iphone? The reason I ask is since I have one on order (Oct 26th B&H), I'm wondering if I also have to purchase an extra dumb phone as I'd never activate it. Or is it just that alla the people in the US...
  17. clackey

    New MavicPilots App

    Hey all - we launched new MavicPilots apps for iOS and Android. These were created using the Tapatalk platform so we don't have a ton of flexibility on design, features, etc.. but feel free to chime in if you have any issues or feedback. iOS - MavicPilots on the App Store Android - MavicPilots...