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  1. M

    HELP - Sync Flight Records without using DJI servers

    I have controlled my Mavic Air with 3 different mobile devices - iPhone 6, iPad Mini 2, and iPad - with flight records scattered across the three. How can I bring them all together to the new iPad, WITHOUT syncing to the DJI servers? I have backups of all 3 devices on my laptop, done with...
  2. Joymaker

    How to sync flight records?

    I am sending DJI a repair request and crash report. The repair request page asks me to "sync flight records" and offers a video which shows how to do it for DJI Go which looks completely different from DJI Go 4. Please, would somebody show me in detail how to find the Sync Flight Records button...
  3. B

    Auto sync photos to device on Mavic Air?

    Hello, Does anyone know how to setup auto sync HD photos to device on Mavic Air with DJI app? Or is this just not possible?The mavic pro has that option (auto sync hd photos) that when you took a picture it automatically saved an HD copy to device (in my case iPad and Android phone). On Mavic...
  4. P

    Sync Litchi settings between devices

    I'm using DJI Go4 and Litchi on an iPhone 8 as my primary control for my Mavic Pro. However from time to time I like to use the larger screen on an iPad mini 4. This works fine but I can't find a way of ensuring any setting changes I make on the iPhone are reflected on the iPad without doing it...