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#tablet holder

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    Which tablet holder do you recommend?

    Hi M2P pilots, For the ones flying their M2P with a tablet, I'm enquiring about which support are you using? There are so many tablet holders on the market, from $ to $$$ that I don't know which one I should go with. I browsed internet and found that the ones from Mavmount brand Tablet Adapter...
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    Tablet Holder with Different Structures, Which One is better?

    I am a newbie in drone, please forgive my ignorance.:) I am planning getting a tablet holder to use my Galaxy S2 8" with Mavic Pro. I am seeing there are two-different-structured table holders in the market. One has the support arm on top of remote controller, the other one has the support arm...
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    Low down dirty DIY tablet holder. Show us yours.

    Hi guys Just thought I would share some pictures of my cheap asf tablet holder for my Mavic Air controller. I made this from some white polypropylene I had laying around in the empire of filth from a previous project and a magnetic phone holder that refuses to stick to the dash in my work car. I...