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tap fly

  1. T

    2.2mph minimum speed in tap fly - frustrating

    Hi All, Just bought my first drone (Mavic Air 1) a few weeks ago, just before I saw Mavic Air 2 announced ?. Anyway, I'm new to drones and photography and really enjoying learning about both right now! So, I have a dilemma, I want to create a hyperlapse that doesn't cover a lot ground. For...
  2. heo3480

    Mavic 2 Pro TapFly Tutorial

    This Mavic 2 Pro Tapfly Tutorial, show you how powerful Intelligent flight mode Tapfly is. Tapfly is not getting a lot of promotion but can be used for a lot of things :-)
  3. D

    Mavic Air Tap Fly

    Hello, Today I decided to do a time lapse with my Air. I've done many time lapses before with my DSLRs. I heard that you can do a time lapse with tap fly and interval setting in photo. It was going well I was getting great shots until. At about 900ft I lost signal, No big deal. I hit return...
  4. R

    TapFly - EXP settings not used?

    I have set my EXP setting for Yaw to 0.1 to get smoother footage. I like to use TapFly (free Mode) as this basically replaces Course Lock (but even better as the drone flies a very straight path). However, in TapFly the Drone does not use the predefined EXP settings. Therefore Yaw-speed is too...
  5. I

    TapFly - check before you hit GO!

    So, now that my 'issue' is sorted, I thought I'd share my experience of TapFly & DJI Care Refresh. I'd been flying for a couple of months and decided to try out TapFly. My number one mistake was to do it in a built-up area! I'd done a couple of trials, and then I did a beginner's mistake -...
  6. J

    Tap Fly intermittant

    As of today, Sept 22, Tap Fly will start, but then abruptly quits (in 30 to 60 sec) and goes into GPS/hover mode. I tried restarting everything and still got the same results. I tried different speeds, altitudes, it's just unstable. Any thoughts?