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  1. uavcoach

    UAV Coach hiring Drone Flight Instructors

    Drone Flight Instructor - UAV Coach Drone technology makes a meaningful difference in many industries around the globe. At UAV Coach, we serve the largest community of drone enthusiasts and commercial drone pilots in the nation. We strive to serve and empower our community with current...
  2. P


    Hello from Ireland, At last some good new to report from the technical team at DJI. I have had a problem when recording shake/wobble, etc.,from the Gimbel/Camera. Contacted the Technical Crew & after the usual banter & requests did I do this that & the other things....they sent me return...
  3. tictag

    Firmware .800 Technical Discussion

    Loads of threads about firmware .800 flight restrictions on here (let's not go there, in this thread). I'd be interested to discuss the technical aspects of this firmware update, though I appreciate we're not all DJI engineers!! ANONYMITY Having to login to DJI servers before you're allowed to...