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  1. A

    UAV Pilots & Operators: Elevate Critical Infrastructure Security with Your Insights

    Dear UAV Pilots and Operators, Your expertise is essential to a study focused on UAVs and critical infrastructure security. Your insights can help shape the integration and strategic use of UAV technology. As a token of appreciation for your time, participants will have the chance to win...
  2. ShadowAir

    A Newly Invented Gyro-Drone / Air-Trailer Technology

    The Technology never Built Before - Gyro-Drone / Air-Trailer UAV I want to introduce our newly developed Technology "Air-Trailer / GyroDrone". The GyroDrone is a USTOL Ultra Short Takeoff and Landing with exceptional Payload Capacity. Longer Rotary-Wing Flight Endurance, with good Safety...
  3. Prospero

    This is Big!

    NASA Flies Large Unmanned Aircraft Without Chase Plane