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  1. J

    Speedometer Overlay with DJI footage data

    Hello! I created a speedometer template for a drone video. This video explains how to export the DJI telemetry data from your drone video and create with this data your own speed overlay. Look if you can use this for your drone video. Here the Link for the You Tube Tutorial:
  2. Fdnyfish

    Old School DASHWARE Telemetry Overlay

    DASHWARE Telemetry Overlay
  3. 0Kajuna0

    Telemetry Overlay and more data tools

    Hi! For the last 3-4 years I've been working and experimenting with the GPS and other sensor data in DJI drones and action cameras. All the learnings have now materialised in this standalone app for creating telemetry overlays on videos: Some of the previous utilities I have released (some...
  4. 0Kajuna0

    Telemetry Overlay for Mavic (and other models) in After Effects

    Hey guys, I've been working on a system that uses the SRT flight telemetry to create customizable gauges in After Effects: a dashboard with speedometer, GPS path, altitude, heading, distance, ISO, shutter speed and f-number. Here's a demo and a tutorial: There's also a tool to export the...
  5. jollino

    No GPS data in SRT file for Mavic Air?

    Hello all! I just went from a Phantom 3 Advanced to a Mavic Air and I've noticed that the SRT files generated by the MA are completely different from the ones generated by the P3. While the P3 wrote something like this every second: HOME(14.1714,42.3449) 2018.02.27 11:39:37...
  6. B

    NY, with embedded telemetry

    Watch in 4K!