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  1. A

    Old TFR area still in DJI Geozone map

    Hello all About a month ago we had a brush fire near where I live in Southern California. A TFR was put in place for the area of the fire for aerial firefighting support. The fire has been out for over a month and there is no more firefighting activity. The TFR has been cleared from AirMap and...
  2. T

    TFR 7/2567 part B excludes the NYC SFRA, does this apply to drones too?

    Hello all, According to part B of 7/2567 (7/2567 NOTAM Details), THE New York Class B airspace Hudson River SFRA Exclusion and East River SFRA Exclusion, 14 CFR 93.350(d), IS EXCLUDED FROM THE RESTRICTIONS IN THIS TFR. However, part C prohibits UAS operation (as usual with all TFRs). Am I...
  3. brentmwarren

    droning near a major sporting event - commercial pilots only

    hey guys, So I work only 0.5 miles away from a major league ballpark. Obviously, a TFR will be in place during the games. However, If I take off from my office and remain within a 400ft elevation of the highest point of my office - is that still considered controlled airspace and can I take my...