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  1. DMCmaps

    M2EA Thermal Image burn/bleed

    (Will upload pictures later) Has anyone else experienced thermal image burn/bleed? A lingering outline remains ‘burned’ on thermal images resulting in unusable data. Does anyone know of a solution?
  2. C

    M2EA Viewing IR strobes

    Hello all! I am trying to find any information. Can the M2EA see IR strobes (attached to personnel), either with an IR cut on the visible camera, or through the thermal camera?
  3. S

    SOLD! For Sale: Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual w/ FLIR - New/Never Activated with Basic Shield (never activated)

    Selling my Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual - New/Never activated with Enterprise Shield Basic (never activated). Previously listed - buyer backed out - so relisting. $2900 via PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. US Only. Ships only to lower US 48 States via FedEx Ground with signature confirmation. Save over...
  4. Aircrew Views

    Mavic 2 Dual Ent. FOR SALE $3500

    Im am selling my M2ED. This was literally flown once. Currently I don't need a $3500 :)oops:) drone sitting in my office. Bought on January 2. Had one successful flight in February. Pictures will show that it has no flaws or scratches. The picture below shows the components being offered. You...
  5. DDS

    Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Thermal use in the energy field (Power Plants)

    So I was able to run some test out in the field. Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual thermal. And there are some good points to be made. Though the resolution isn’t as high and as good as the 336 and 640 models of the XT2. It still sports Ocusync 2.0 multi bands, its compact and you can fly closer to...
  6. O

    Mavic 2 dual enterprise Smart Controller thermal question

    Hi all, I purchased the m2 dual for use of the thermal option. However I’m seeing a lot of video tutorials on this isotherm feature and it cannot be found in the Smart Controller which runs on the dji pilot app...yet the dji go 4 app seems to have it. Can someone help me find this isotherm...
  7. DRONExpert

    DRONExpert onboard

    Hi Guy's, I know there are some companies here who are not telling that there here but I think its just best to let the people know who are here and read the stories and product experience. Im Mike, working by DRONExpert Netherlands as sales and support person. Im not here for selling our...
  8. N

    Unable to upgrade - thermal shutdown?

    Hi All never had any problems with my Mavic or in doing updates but today I have a weird one. As it was downloading the update I noticed the Mavic had turned off, so I turned it on again and continued. But when doing the upgrade the same happened and I realised the onboard fan wasn't running. So...
  9. Thestig

    Dji Mavic with FLIR thermal cam

    Hi. Thanks for membership. Here is a little video I made on my youtube channel. Testing out the Mavic with FLIR technology.