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  1. L

    Shooting lightning

    I live in an area where I have a poor view of the sky from inside my house because of high trees, lots of telephone poles and power lines and I'd like to use my M2P to get some thunderstorm lightning shots. Last night I drove to an empty church parking lot and started filming from a height of...
  2. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Flying with Lightning - drone in a thunderstorm!

    Massive arching bolts of electricity explode across the heavens and illuminate the boiling clouds like giant atmospheric jelly fish. Thunder splits the sky and reverberates across the cowering landscape below as the storm surges overhead. Such weather is hardly commonplace here in the calm...
  3. Bobvt

    Motors over heating

    So I had a little collision and one of my motors is getting a little warmer than the others, question is will I get any notification before it craps out completely and I have a three winged flightless bird
  4. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Wild Skies of March

    Storms race across the wide fields and low forested hills of the Cowlitz Prairies on a wild day in March, their shadows swirling over the landscape like living inkblots. This wild sky is reflected in marshes, lakes, and distant rivers that cut through the wide plain on their way from snow capped...
  5. C

    Here Comes the Rain

    4 shot pano of a storm coming in. Shot with Polar ND 16 +1, -3, 0 and post processed in Lightroom.