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tilt shift

  1. H

    Mini 3 A Bridge Between Dreams [short tilt-shift]

    I wanted to get some practice using the tilt-shift technique. I have seen a lot of cool videos where this technique makes the footage look like a "toy world". I thought I'd try for something slightly different and see if I could give it more of a "dream world" effect. Did it work? Filmed...
  2. K-Castello

    Air 1 Tilt-Shift'in things

    My biggest hobby is photography ... I also have a small collection of old cameras. One of these is Horseman VH ... system camera, with which you can do Tilt-shift. If you do this from a certain angle, everything will appear to be miniature. Of course you can also do this with software ....
  3. C

    Mavic Pro Gimbal tilts up on its own randomly - solutions? It's Out of Warranty.

    Problem: Gimbal tilts up by itself randomly even when sitting on my desk. Other than that it works as expected most of the time. It's just a bummer to have the gimbal tilt up in the middle of recording a shot that you then have to do over again hoping there will be no tilt. Was unit in a crash...
  4. heo3480

    Tilt Shift Video Tutorial - Miniature Drone Video with FCPX

    On numerous requests from my viewers. I have made this video explaining how to make miniature worlds from your drone footage using FCPX. This effect is also known as Tilt-Shift
  5. Qoncussion

    Really cool effect ~ tilt-shifting Mavic footage...

    Here's a very short snippet of a freight train captured by my Mavic the other day, post-processed to look like a toy model...
  6. ThreeGs

    Mini town

    I finally shot some footage that seemed to be a good candidate to apply the miniature effect or Tilt Shift. It is simply a flyover of a small town in WV so it isn't too exciting but I thought the effect added something to it. Here is New Year's Day over Miniature Gassaway WV. I have the video...