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tilted gimbal

  1. C

    Gimbal not sitting correctly.

    Hi guys, Ever since I’ve had my Mavic the footage just hasn’t looked right. The horizon is constantly slanted. I have followed lots of online tutorials and DJI Customer Support have been useless. I’ve tried adjusting the gimbal manually which does the trick until I pan and the gimbal seems...
  2. Piecar

    Mini Gimbal head not exactly level

    I've noticed that my gimbal head is not quite true to the horizon. Everything is slightly tilted to the right. I live in a hilly area, so hadn't really paid attention to this. Recently though, I flew backwards into an unnoticed guy line and the thing went down. I was extra vigilant to notice...
  3. jtcfilms

    Horizon Tilt regardless of Gimbal Roll Adjustment mid flight

    Hi pilots, I just got the mavic recently and am having constant horizon tilt issues. I've done all calibrations and even adjust the gimbal roll mid flight and once I turn the horizon tilts again. Im in follow mode and not FPV either. Its driving me crazy. I've read several other threads about...