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  1. V

    Mavic Air 2 Trace Mode not working

    Hi All, I'm trying to get Active Tracking - Trace Mode to work properly on a Mavic Air 2. I can successfully get the drone into Trace Mode, get it to follow me and keep the distance maintained, but if I walk towards the drone, it just sits there, no matter how close I get. I believe the drone...
  2. smiles

    Active Track doesn't bring up options for Profile etc.

    Can someone help me, Since the latest update, the Active Track doesn't show up the options of Spotlight, Profile, Trace. Also it takes an age to go back to Normal mode. Am I missing an icon to bring the options up? Is it a phone thing? I'm on an HTC Cheers. sMiles
  3. BenCathro

    RAD mountain bike edit with Mavic Pro (active track)

    I used my Mavic Pro, GoPro 3+ black, Feiyu Tech WG Gimbal and GoPro 5 black to shoot a self made edit in 1 day. Really happy with how it all turned out! Settings I used (firmware update defaulted the camera to settings I wouldn't normally use resulting in not ideal footage): 1080p 30fps -1-1-1...
  4. G

    80 Year Old on Mavic Cow Patrol

    I'm finding that I can fly without ND filters with minimum stuttering by using one of the Intelligent Flight Modes like Active Track/Trace where it's all software controlled. In Normal Mode it's possible to minimize jittering if you're steady as a rock and can micro-control. I'm not, and it's...