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transmission problems

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    Lost my Mavic Air and cant find it! Please help

    Hi, I was flying my drone all was good accept it was a little choppy at close proximity when i was flying it at the park. It was when I was hovering a tennis court and taking pictures that It suddenly lost transmission. I waited a little bit but was freaking out because it was only 400 feet...
  2. S

    No Image Transmission error

    Hello I have been flying my Mavic Pro for a bit over a year now, without any mayor problem. Today I am getting the “No Image Transmission RTH error” message, with black screen on the phone. It happens right after takeoff, or sometimes after 10 minutes of flight, erratically. Normally, the...
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    Mavic Air transmission signal lost and video lag

    Hello Friends, I am having many issues with mavic air and its just a weeks old. · Signal Transmission issue: VIDEO LAG AND GLITCHES, VERY BAD RECEPTION during flight and the aircraft also got disconnected after 800 meters RTH automatically activated but I was unable to control the...
  4. E

    Mavic Pro often "disconnected"

    I have been advised to seek advice here by dirkclod. I have had a Mavic Pro for 12 months and used it all over the world BUT it is at the same time superb and infuriating. Yesterday I was supposed to take a picture in front of our church in Norfolk, UK with the whole congregation. I had used...
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    Issue with OcuSync? Any Dallas/Fort Worth Guys Want to Test This?

    I've flown dozens of times at a park near Dallas with a Phantom 3 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Spark, Autel X-Star premium, Q500 and Typhoon H and never had a problem with my transmission signal. I've flown the Mavic Pro Platinum at this park five times and it has had severe connection problems all...