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travel blogger

  1. Cricoteka Kraków from bird eye

    Cricoteka Kraków from bird eye

  2. Yarko

    Kicking off my new blog with a couple shots from the Mavic Air

    I recently took my Mavic Air on it's first overseas trip, in this case to the Fijian Islands. I just finished a blog post on it and included a few shots from the Air. Check it out and let me know what you think! Click on "Let's Get Remote" to read about the first part of...
  3. G

    2 days in the Lake District UK | Mavic Air

    Hi all, our latest video is out and this time we go explore the stunning Lake Dristrict (UK) We used the Mavic Air to take some stunning footage atop the mountains, from a moving boat, through valleys and lakes... it was just absolutely stunning and we had a cracking time, so if you liked the...
  4. El Arbol de Buda

    Perth the unknown gem of Australia! - Epic Sunrise

    I'm glad to share with you this little piece of footage of a fantastic sunrise in the city that hosted me for more nearly 4 years and where my new adventure starts. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks