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  1. T

    Rtr function suddenly disappeared

    I have a DJI mini mavric. Everything was working completely fine and all of a sudden I only have a land option when I go to return to home.My GPS is fine it locks the home point but the button to return to home is not there when I go to use it not sure what happens if I hit the return to home...
  2. Eddy_B

    Complete blackout on screen.

    Well, my 4th flight this year was a bit of an event. I was about 2 minutes into the flight when suddenly my screen went totally black. I've flown about 130 times now and this had never happened before. The Mavic was about 50 meters away from me but behind some trees so I couldn't see it. I...
  3. A

    Mavic ascending by itself past max limit during RTH

    Hey All, I'm new to the forum here. Had a pretty scary experience today. I was flying about 3000 ft out and my battery started getting low so i flipped into RTH. I'm watching my screen and see that instead of descending it was actually going higher way past my max altitude. I tried fighting...
  4. A

    I were in a trouble after 11 min of flight time, when RTH initiated

    I were in a trouble after 11 min of flight time, when RTH initiated, and It has started its flight away into a sea.. Then I got a battery error.. and it going to be only worse then.. Here is my comments, in regard to a flight data, and my actions, and if it will be interesting, I may let know...