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  1. Big Ransom Studio

    New to forum from austin

    Hello. I’m new to the forum and hope to learn, and gain valuable insight, tips, hacks, and mostly your tried-and-true wisdom and experience. Thank you in advance for any help or time you spend for me. I know your schedules are likely much heavier than mine, and I truly appreciate it. Off to...
  2. New England Droning

    First Responders could get UAS's

    I get articles from Homeland Security and I just spotted this one today. The full article is linked below. it's titled: Feature Article: Unmanned Vehicles Could Lead the Way in Dangerous Rescue Situations First responders frequently encounter situations where an incident scene could be either...
  3. theDRONEranger

    Caution with the new DJI FPV

    Dear forum members, I strongly urge each and every one of you to seek advice concerning the new DJI FPV drone combo. With the new FPV proffering comes responsibility. As each and every country has different rules pertaining to piloting a UAS, I would highly recommend you check your home...
  4. Drone Master

    Miami News Station Chopper Encounters Drone!

    This is very disturbing in my city! Seems it was a to curious of a pilot or Pilots! :confused: 7Skyforce dodges drone while reporting in SW Miami-Dade; incident under investigation
  5. Rangerider

    Remote ID Coming Soon?

    The following is for forum consideration. It is inevitable that more control/monitoring will come upon us via Part 107 operations and the 'recreational' community will be relegated to even more confining airspace in my opinion. What do you think? From ALPA (Air Line Pilot's Association)...
  6. Drone Analyst

    Take Survey and Enter to Win a DJI Spark

    I have put together an important survey that will help shed some light on what's happening in the drone industry. I’ve written about it in this blog post. It takes about 10 minutes to get through the survey, and all participants are given a free summary report and the chance to win a DJI Spark...
  7. I

    Getting Cinematic video with Mavic AIR ND Filters. How & Why..

    To get Cinematic video with DJI Mavic AIR, you need ND Filters. Struggling with them? Here's how to use & why you need them. Hope it helps.. Fly safe.
  8. TheAirTrafficPodcast

    The Air Traffic Podcast

    What's up fellow pilots! My partner Chris and I are both Air traffic Controllers that fly drones in our spare time, we started a podcast about ATC but we talk about different topics in the aviation industry. Episode 3 we talk a little about Drones. We hope you enjoy and If you do, please...
  9. AirVūz

    North Dakota - Silicon Valley of Drones

    AirVūz News made it up to Grand Forks, North Dakota to cover the UTM development work that local companies were collaborating with NASA on, you can find that story HERE. What we ended up learning, aside from the interesting elements of what goes into developing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic...