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upgrade issue.

  1. gjmphoto

    Could this be a partial update?

    This is cross-posted because I didn't realize this category was here. I think this is the better place to post this question. Sorry for the redundancy. A strange thing happened last night. I fired up my MPP because I suspected there'd be a firmware upgrade to go along with the new release of...
  2. P

    Pro Plat. FW 01.04.0300 Upgrade Success

    I bought and received my drone the first of January. Once I got it out and set-up, I needed to do a FW update (.0200). I could not get it to work either thru the RC or DJIA2. I sent it back to the dealer that sent it back to me 2 weeks later updated. SO the new update came out, I'm prepping...
  3. K5PS6744s


    Coldpack strapped to smartphone stops overheating (which causes video corruption) with the Mavic Pro after recent upgrades. Not really a practical solution but works very well;.