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usb cable

  1. D

    Used iPad Mini 4 and some flying issues

    I recently bought a used iPad Mini 4 128gb and been having some issues flying my M2Pro; I’ve been using the iPad USB charging cable to connect to my RC. The first time flying with the iPad I needed to calibrate the compass; ok, not so unusual. Then my sticks needed calibration - hmmm. Once I...
  2. jmark

    Mavic Controller and magnetic USB

    Has anyone used this with their Mavic controller? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Smart-Cool-L-Shaped-i-Product-Twin-Pack-5-feet-Gray/dp/B075TZ9BC1/ref=sr_1_1_m?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1534420445&sr=1-1&keywords=smart%2Band%2Bcool%2Bgen%2B4&th=1 I was thinking of leaving this connected to the...
  3. Leo153

    DJI Crystal Sky Monitor Mount, Protecting the USB Connection

    I decided to use the DJI mount for my 5.5 Crystal Sky on my Mavic remote. I liked the mount by 3D Evolution but the DJI mount is less bulky and the connection much tighter and secure. I thought I wanted the monitor sitting above the remote, but I like below the monitor better, I find it easier...