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usb cable

  1. C

    USB Cable for Mavic Mini and Z Fold 5

    So I bought a new phone (Samsung Z Fold 5) and while it's a great upgrade on my 6 year old Samsung Galaxy S8, it means I can no longer use the original micro USB to USBC cable that came with my Mavic Mini (it's too short to reach the USBC port on the phone when mounted to the controller). I...
  2. T

    iPad Air gen4 (usb-c) to MPP controller cable?

    Usually use my s21 phone, and the DJI cable to usb c works fine, If I connect the iPad to it also works, but of course it’s a really short cable. I tried a few cables to the usb-a socket underneath the controller, to the usb-c socket on the iPad, and none of the, worked. do I have to enable...
  3. D

    Used iPad Mini 4 and some flying issues

    I recently bought a used iPad Mini 4 128gb and been having some issues flying my M2Pro; I’ve been using the iPad USB charging cable to connect to my RC. The first time flying with the iPad I needed to calibrate the compass; ok, not so unusual. Then my sticks needed calibration - hmmm. Once I...
  4. jmark

    Mavic Controller and magnetic USB

    Has anyone used this with their Mavic controller? I was thinking of leaving this connected to the...
  5. Leo153

    DJI Crystal Sky Monitor Mount, Protecting the USB Connection

    I decided to use the DJI mount for my 5.5 Crystal Sky on my Mavic remote. I liked the mount by 3D Evolution but the DJI mount is less bulky and the connection much tighter and secure. I thought I wanted the monitor sitting above the remote, but I like below the monitor better, I find it easier...