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usb connector

  1. C

    USB Cable for Mavic Mini and Z Fold 5

    So I bought a new phone (Samsung Z Fold 5) and while it's a great upgrade on my 6 year old Samsung Galaxy S8, it means I can no longer use the original micro USB to USBC cable that came with my Mavic Mini (it's too short to reach the USBC port on the phone when mounted to the controller). I...
  2. S

    Which RC connection is best Mavic 2 PRO

    I have heard different things about which port is best to connect to my Mavic 2 Pro RC. The Type A at the Bottom or the small micro one on the left side. Does anybody out there truly know? or does it not matter. Please let me know. Thank you. Tom
  3. mlash

    Connecting Air to Computer - Help

    It's very obvious that you have to turn on the Mavic Air While connected to your computer for access to the SD storage and Internal Storage. But I wonder if you can connect without taking off the Props, unfolding the Arms and/or taking off the Gimbal Guard? The Gimbal Guard is my major concern...
  4. baddog

    Bad video feed to device

    Hi All, I received a new drone from DJI to replace a drone thought to be at the bottom of the ocean, an entirely different story/post. Anyway, since I started flying the new drone I started getting subtle interference in my video feed to the device. It progressively got worse flight after...