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uv filter

  1. TrayBoz

    Clarify filters names and functions: ND vs UV vs CP ?

    Can someone please clarify me the difference between these filter designations? I know the difference between polarized lenses vs non-polarized lenses. What is the difference between ND filters, UV filter, and CP filters? What do the letters CP stand for? When would I use each type...
  2. K

    UV Filter that does not interfere with gimble calibration on Mavic

    HI anyone can recommend a UV filter brand that does not interfere with the gimble calibration on the Mavic. I have read few contradicting reviews on same brand. Thank you for your assistance
  3. Pituophis

    Got taco rc filters, what is the UV filter for?

    I got Taco rc filters that came with ND 4, 8, 16, 32 and a UV filter. I've used the a couple of the ND filters and they are great, but what does the UV filter do?
  4. Oyibo VFX

    UV Filter

    Hey all Because of bright sunlight (I am in Africa) I bought a UV filter for my MP. But now I have an alignment issue with the gimbal. I also have updated the firmware yesterday so I don't know if it relates. Anyway, I have calibrated the gimbal two times now. When I align manual, it works...