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    Seeking Drone Footage for Art Project (Victoria, Australia)

    Hi everyone! I'm, an artist from Sydney. I'm working on an art project featuring Victoria's (Australia) wetlands. I need drone footage, capturing low, slow flights over the mangroves, ideally at sunrise or sunset. The footage will be part of art piece displayed in Collins Street, Melbourne...
  2. F

    MA2 found South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia

    Hi, I found a Mavic Air 2 in South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia. Please get in touch if it is yours, Many thanks, Bill
  3. E

    Kilcunda coast, Victoria Australia

    Hi all!! My first video after getting my Mavic Pro a couple of weeks back and learning how to use it. Thought all you northerners with the snow would appreciate a nice 28C day footage :) Recorded in 4K 30fps and edited in Cyberlink PowerDirector 16, I am very new to the editing game so...
  4. N

    Victoria BC Sampler

    Hi all I've had the Mavic for a month now off and on (mainly off due to an indoor crash and slow UPS shipping to DJI for refresh). Now that I'm getting a little better at flying it smoothly, I thought I'd put out a little sampler.
  5. R

    Victoria area pilots out there?

    Any new Mavic pilots (there arent any old ones!) in Victoria area or southern Vancouver Island? Challenging weather for sure, and finding good flying areas but maybe we can meet up for some quality airtime.
  6. R

    Mavic Pro in 4K over the Victoria Golf Club on Christmas Day

    A rare sunny, not too cold 4c, and almost wind free day. Great day to take the Mavic for a walk...